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The Gearbox on My 2.3 Carlsson is now officially toast, as of tonight reverse has finally let go completly.

It's been on it way out since I bought the car nearly 6 months ago and 13,000 miles ago, jumping oput of gear and clicking unless held in.

Tonight I needed to back up 10 ft up a slight incline as some wally had boxed me in at the pub. it went 2 ft and them this horrible teeth not engaging noise occured. I'm not sure if it's the teeth on the cogs (one of which I think is missing), or the splines on the inside of the cog.

Anyway, this brings me to...

1. Does anyone have a 1993 2.3T TCS gearbox for sale, or know of one?

2. How different are 1994 on gearboxes? will they fit a 93? do you need the drive shafts too etc.

3. What companies are best to get a warrrented gearbox from for a reasonable cost if no one here has one?

4. Any tricks to chaging the? other than not losing the speedo sender in them?

5. At least 1st to 5th are still A1!!

CS Aero
2.3 Carlsson
2* 900T
no longer 2* 99T
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