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I run a 98 9-3 lp turbo manual hatch. Due to only clocking up on average 140 miles a week in two journeys my oil level rarely needs topping up and normally stays near top level until annual oil change at 5-7000 miles.
Thanks to complacency I only check the level every few months.
I've noticed the engine sounding a bit like it had loose tappets yesterday when arriving home. Ticking noise would come and go. I then noticed a leak under the cam belt area. After checking oil and topping up it took 1.3 litres to register on the lowest part of dip stick. Two litres just about got level near top.
I'm guessing that due to it leaking only while running it must have started two journeys ago. It seems its coming from one of those seals by the belts.
Is it possible there's been serious damage caused? Once topped up he engine sounds no different than it should but I've no way of knowing how the pump would cope etc on just over 2 litres of oil? Any ideas please?
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