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1997 SAAB 900 NG 2.0 SE

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Full details of the car, e.g. model, trim level,
1997 SAAB 900 NG 2.0 SE
B204 engine

service history,
Seems good to me, but I’ve never had services done to cars so don’t know what I’m looking for. I can provide photos of the booklet.

whether it's been declared a write-off before.
I have no idea, I don’t know any of the previous owners. Looks straight to me though.

How many miles (or kilometres) has it done?
At least 169 000 miles. Cluster was semi-broken when I bought it.

Photos - one of the photographs MUST show an A4 piece of paper attached to the vehicle (or parts), and on the paper your Saabscene Username and the date of the photograph must be clearly written. This is to ensure that the photographs are not simply copied from the internet and that they are of a vehicle that the Saabscene member is actually in possession of.
See first photo below.

Asking price

Location - Town/State and Country
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Are you a Trader or is it a Private Sale?

Do you currently own the vehicle? If not, who does?
I do.

How long have you owned it?
1 year

Where else is it advertised for sale?

I have owned the car for a year and have fixed lots of little niggles. Still a few left, but they are minor.

Car has grey leather interior, though driver's seat has a hole in the side and a rip in the middle. It has a 6 CD-changer in the boot.

Failed the MOT on emissions, needs a cat and lambda sensor, but the exhaust is also a bit leaky, so could do with being replaced.

Major new items:

  • New brake disks and pads
  • New battery with five year warranty
  • New left and right engine mounts
  • Instrument cluster refurbished by specialist
  • Electric aerial fixed
  • New spark plugs, oil/filter and air filter
  • Various trims re-fitted
  • Various lighting issues fixes

Car had a new head gasket fitted just before I bought it. There is a slight oil leak from the distributor, but it's not bad. The MOT station did file a long advisories list, so please do have a look at that before bidding.

I can't remember all the minor things that need doing but things such as broken sun-visor clips, which are un-obtainable, one head-lamp wiper only moving partially. I also had issues with the speakers being a bit on and off, had the radio out and checked the solder joints, but narrowed it down to the speaker connector. The radio itself is fine. The left mirror is also a bit iffy moving horizontally, which is down to the toothed wheel not gripping the pinion properly. Rear window washer jet is blocked. Uses same motor as the front, so motor is definitely ok. I gave up trying to get the light in the key to work, replaced battery, bulb, adjusted springs, nothing worked.

Comes with three sets of keys and fobs, however, although the keys all work, only on fob does. From memory, the paperwork that came with the car mentioned an immobiliser replacement, which is probably the reason.

Car has been reliable and drives well. Clutch and gear box are smooth and work well.

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