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My 900s has just turned 200K miles, and has been in the shop on two occasions...once for a fuel pump, and then for an ignition switch (aside from oil changes and mufflers). I have driven it in Salt Lake, Boise, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and in the dirt mountain roads of Idaho and Mexico.
I have only changed the transmission fluid once. The car still wears its original shocks and struts. I don't abuse this car...I ask each time I buy tires if I need struts or shocks, and I'm told they appear fine. Everything on the car works...AC, heated seats, windows, etc.
I'm curious if others have had such good luck with their 900s. I'm sure something has to go wrong sometime...but until then, I'm quite content driving this car. The interior is in perfect condition as cracks, no tears, no worn out seat bottoms.
How long does a transmission on this car last?
The car is not worth selling, since nobody would buy a car with 200K miles for any more than a thousand bucks...and the sentimental value I have for the car is worth much more than that.
Is this a rare thing?...or are there many more out there with a Saab that just won't quit?
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