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Tim Winkler is looking for someone to turn this key on the weekend.

Tim was originally planning to run this original Saab 92, from 1950 and the oldest Saab in America, in an re-enactment rally in Wisconsin this weekend.

I’ve just heard from Tim via email that the driver, Jon Davis, has had to pull out, so Tim’s looking for either a driver or navigator so that the 92 can still make the start line and fly the flag.

Here’s the original press release as received from SaabUSA a few days ago. After that, some great references with regard to the car.


A rare 1950 SAAB 92 is set to compete in a re-enactment rally in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, home of Road America Raceway. The driver/navigator team is nearly as historic as the car. Jon Davis of Houghton, Michigan, will be behind the wheel, while Tim Winker of Twig, Minnesota, will try to keep the team on time. The 2007 Elkhart Lake Historic Rallye celebrates the 55th anniversary of the SCCA sponsored Monte Carlo style rallies held in conjunction with open road sports car races during 1951 and 1952. The rally will be held on October 5 and 6, 2007, and includes a tour of the original Elkhart Lake race course that used public roads.


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