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I took my '07 9-3 SE In for an MOT today and it failed on one count - the power steering fluid leaks. Given that I've been topping it up with CHF for a while I didn't realise it was a failable offence...

Anyway, it's also due a 120000 mile service.

Am I going to end up shelling out more cash for those jobs than the car is worth? What's the likely cost? Am I best to call it quits?

Thoughts (practical, rather than sentimental) welcome...



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Do you or the mot tester know where abouts the leak is from ?
Also what sort of service history is with the car ?
Also from your other posts you have a 2.0 t so at least there's no cambelt to change .
Dependant on costs to get through MOT then ...... You may well want to sell up and get a jiggle on .
But with second hand values on saabs going down like a lead balloon , you may find you won't get the kind of money you want privately , though if you were to part EX at garage then you may get a bit more .
Believe me I just sold my 9-3 2005 with full history , and new turbo and intercooler , and every other thing thease 9-3 suffer from replaced for £600.00 . Which in today's climate is good ,
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