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11th - SAABs in September, Bristol

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For those of you how have attended the 'Down the Avenue' monthly meet held in Queens Square in Bristol will know, it is a great way to spend a morning wandering around a mixture of cars and enjoying an excellent cooked breakfast at Chez' on the harbourside. Cars start arriving from 9.30am

So 'SAABs in September' is the month when I hope we will see the largest gathering of SAABs ever found in Queen Square ::)

No need to book, just turn up on the day. If you wish to make a day of it, the harbourside is a couple of minutes walk away and the 'M Shed' the new multi-million pound museum, is within five minutes walking distance.

The Avenue Car Club

1) David & Anne (99T)
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1) David & Anne (99T)
2) Chris (C900 T16S)
3) Alex and Family (C900 Turbo)
4) RobinM and family (9-5 Anniversary estate)
5) Martin Lyons (C900 T16S)
6) Chris & Doreen (96 - Gracie)
7) Mike & Marion (96 or 9-3)
8, Simon & Karen (9-5 Saloon)
9) Chris Hamley (99Turbo)
10) Richard (C900)

Having checked, after my wife mentioned the date, this event has been cancelled/postponed. It would seem that the Bristol Half Marathon runs literally through Queens Square. :'(

I have contacted 'The Avenue Club' to see if they plan on putting their gathering back one week.

I would suggest the spring of 2012 - if I can find a month when it does not clash with anything else.

Again apologies for any inconvenience.

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