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Looking for your advice, as the most familiar expers on our favourite brand - SAAB.
So, shortly
My car - 9-3 , 1.9 TID, Z19DT engine, 88 kw, 2009 - Euro 4, own from more than a 7 years.
The problem case: DPF is in non-stopable, regular regenraion, of course with a lot of white smoke on the exaust, losing a power etc.
The story: Before a 2 years i blocked my engine - my mistake, did not care of the blocked original DPF and the result was oil back to turbo - than 6 rpm - than ...bloxked the engine.I made all repairs of the engine (nozzles Borsh repairs,valves,head, everything - just total repair) with new parts and of course - new DPF. After a 2000 km the problems with the new DPF started, meaning when i go in city trafick or just stop on the street for a second, the blue smoke from the DPF starts again. I have made 2 times regenration of DPF via Saab Tech2 diagnostic - the Tech2 shows that the DPF is already ready (70-39%) and when i start driving,after a 100 km the smoke and DPF simtpmoms starts again.
I both another one - new DPF, that time more expensive, and unfortunatelly the problems are the same - smore, DPF full., even with the new one DPF. We check the new DPF and the soot dust and on the DPF - just for a couples of kilometres.
Just to orient you what i did, in order to handle the problem - with no result:
- New engine parts
- EGR cleaning (2 times)
- MAF clening
- DPF sensors check, replaced on of it
- Check the exaust system pipes
- New turbo
- tech2 real time parametres check - all looks great
In additional i would like to say that except the DPF smoking non-stopable regenartion, the other simptoms are:
fuel filter goes very dirty and make it difficult the fuel movement ( i catch that after loading a fuel, and my dashboard fuel level instrument dont move on immediatelly) only after a 1000 km; A lot, a lot of soot - black dust on the egr (after cleaning) and on the catalist.Byt the way the catalist is also cleaned before 2000 km.
So...any advice?
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