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    Following the demise of my white CSE and the purchase of the black one (MoT - less) I booked the new arrival in for an MoT with the 'vert on Friday. Fate has conspired against me, and I can't get it ready in time (needs a bonnet release cable and I just haven't got the time to fit it.) So I...
  2. Saab Forecourt
    Hi folks, Just thought I'd post some photos of my latest acquisition. 94MY 9000CSE LPT Not too shabby, I trust?
  3. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    My daughter's friends mum has a Micra. She is a single mum with two young children. Her Micra failed it's MoT and the tester (who does not carry out repairs, so has no axe to grind) said scrap it. Obviously she was upset and couldn't afford to repair it, or to buy a better car. Muggins here...
1-3 of 7 Results