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  1. Saab trackday
    Whatever happened to the Saabscene Trackday? I went to Goodwood and Croft and great days they were. I have been out of touch as I have been rebuilding Darthvader and missed Donnington and Cadwell. I know there was some politics, but the result has been no Saab TD which is a great loss to all...
  2. Saab trackday
  3. Classic Saab 900 (1979 - 1993)
    I have just come to replace my Yokohama A539s and find that they are no longer generally availible A539s have served me well on my C900S and TR7. They have great wet and dry grip and last very well. As they are not (fully) directional they can be swapped around left to right (at least on...
  4. Saab trackday
    I had a thoroughly enjoyable day today, nice to finally get to meet a few people "in the metal". The atmosphere in the paddock was excellent, and many thanks to all who were involved in the organisation or running of the day.
  5. Saab trackday
    Given the possibility of unpredictable Bank Holiday weather in this part of the world I thought meeting up indoors would be a good plan after the trackday. Suggestion is: Chequers Inn Dalton on Tees Darlington DL2 2NT This is conveniently situated facing the exit from the circuit onto the...
  6. Saabscene Events
    Hi, My write-up from the Zolder trackday this weekend.
  7. Saab trackday
    Big Thanks to Dave Barrow, Motorsport Secretary of the SOC (GB) Ltd, for confirming today that the Club will sponsor its members entering the trackday at Croft to the tune of £20. Sponsorship will be paid after the event as in previous years, and will be claimed through the usual forms which...
  8. Saab trackday
    Saab Trackday TD05.5 Friday 2nd December 2005 Goodwood We need deposits in ASAP if this is to be a viable event We have had in excess of 30 people express an interest in a Goodwood winter event, now the time is here to decide if you would like to go. Cost will be about £130 each for 30 cars...
  9. Saab trackday
    Those that expressed interest: 1. /john 2. MarkA 3. David Young 4. ylee.... 5. Scaero 6. Sevenman 7. Pete T 8. john-w 9. Si 10. Fliptop 11. Steve-Stg 2 12. LoganSaab (a virgin) 13. Mac_xpert 14. Chris Bullock 15. Andrew Hayward 16. Dulux 17. DanB 18. Rob12 19. Zars (1st time also) 20. Bubbles...
  10. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    Just found this on eBay. Currently on 300 quid.
  11. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    Just found this on eBay. Currently on 300 quid.
1-12 of 79 Results