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  1. Classic Saab 900 (1979 - 1993)
    Hello, How can do WUR pressure test on C900 8v N/A in Yorkshire ? Can somebody suggest DIY tool that would fit ? Thanks.
  2. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    OK, so this post is really more of a blog. My car is a 2006 Saab 9-3 2.0T Aero 5sp Automatic, with 107K miles on. I've re-mapped the car from its usual 210bhp up to 250bhp and 350Nm. So after being obsessed at giving it more power I was a bit curious into what the optimum Fuel consumption would...
  3. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    I have striped down the EGR then put 12 volts into the pins but the solenoid didn't move. Should it of moved if all is well?
  4. New Member Introductions.
    Hello I have just put a deposit down on a 2007 9-3 1.9 Vector Sport and have arranged a test drive for tomorrow. I meant to have put this question a little earlier but if anyone can give me some pointers I would be most grateful. The dealer has offered me an extended warranty for £250 so I...
  5. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hello. Sometimes my speedometer reads above 0 with the engine stopped. It also happened to read bellow the actual speed, after sitting a few days in the cold. The next restart it will be ok. As for reading above 0, usually it needs a battery disconnect, but it also happened to rectify itself...
  6. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Hi all, Took a 2.8T v6 Auto Estate ('06 plate - 60k on clock) for test drive the other day. Very nice indeed, smooth power delivery and exceptionally comfortable even with hardened sports suspension. I did notice the brakes weren't nearly as responsive as my current car (Mercedes C220) and...
  7. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Nevs Saab Emblems ....... The supply of: I was thinking to do the domed emblems of all necessary sizes, as a stop gap till Nevs gets there ducks in a row & commences supply of oem spares ... Would you be up for these ? Failing the domed, we could approach a Chinese based company & have a...
1-7 of 240 Results