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  1. New Member Introductions.
    Hi, Folks . . A light intro., if I may . . I drive a 2.0 9-5 SE Aero Estate (2001) and live in Surrey, UK. Hoping to read, learn and if possible, assist fellow owners and I look forward to corresponding. atb Si
  2. New Member Introductions.
    Hello all New member current owner of a 08 TTiD in Surrey UK - love the car hate the engine sound!
  3. New Member Introductions.
    New to the world of Saab - just picked up a 1998 9-3 Convertible - only 25,000 Miles! Looking forward to getting to work on the bits and pieces that need fixing - AC Display, paintwork and some other bits a bobs! Neil
  4. Previous model ranges, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Sadly have to sell my 900 Turbo Convertible (no room on drive and difficult for the baby seat!). Lovely car Black Electric roof looks new (replaced by previous owner). Needs an MOT and tax as I took it to an Exhaust and tyre specialist for a very cheap MOT. They found a nail in a tyre and the...
  5. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    Who fancies a meet up of an evening next week (11th-15th July)? SAAB 900SE TALLADEGA TURBO and I are looking to meet at a pub or similar during the week for bite to eat and a chat. I'm based in Biggin Hill (Kent) and SAAB 900SE TALLADEGA TURBO is in the Sidcup area. Not decided on an exact...
  6. Saab Recommendations
    Looking for a decent independent Saab specialist in Surrey. Specifically around the Croydon, Sutton, Epsom, Kingston neck of the woods, if possible?
  7. Saab Recommendations
    Hi, my local Saab Dealer has quit & closed (Swain & Jones Farnham) My nearest Saab is now Ian Allen Motors in Lightwater or Bell & Colvill near West Horsley - Near Leatherhead. My question is this. Is there any other saab dealers / independants around that offer good customer service and dont...
  8. Saab Recommendations
    Sssshhhh dont tell anyone but these guy are very good and helpful. Been using then for about 8 years now for both my 9ks. They are a MD but their prices arnt mega high and will even fit customer supplied parts if asked nicely -although the wont warantee them of course. - now keep it stumm...
  9. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    My Headliner has started not only to sag but the fabrics also worn out fraying at the edges and separating from the foam backing (that starting to turn to dust), so it need recovering. After I did a search in this forum, I can see its not an easy job to do single handedly its 9000CDE so its got...
  10. Current model range, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Fantastic Saab 9-5 HOT Aero 2003 03 Reg 71000 miles This Saab was bought new in 2003 from Bay Horse Saab in Blackburn, Lancs. It was leased by my father who used it as his daily car until December 2007, which is when I bought it from the finance company. I have since been using it as a stopgap...
  11. Saabscene: Performance
    Going to go for the Maptun Stage 1 for my 'o2 9-3 auto. Anyone know the nearest specialist who could install it and check the car afterwards?
  12. Saabscene Events
    Local meets seem to be a bit thin on the ground was wondering if anybody in the mentioned/surrounding areas would be interested in nice pub meet around June or July... Regards Paul
  13. Saab Recommendations
    Urgh! Hit and run on my Saab... the rear side. Any recommended/trusty folks in Surrey to bring my Saab back to her beautiful self? I'm based in Reigate (home) and Cobham (work). Alex
  14. Saab Recommendations
    Hi Just moved into the Surrey area and wondered if anybody has recommomendations for good service garages, pref not main dealer.
  15. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Realised that the Surrey Police have an unmarked 9-5 Aero being used at the moment to target people using handheld phones while driving. Don't know the colour the TV news only showed the inside - but I recognised it straight away
  16. Saab News
    Trying to get a few people together for a meet up (probably a Sunday in Feb) for a bit of fun on some indoor Go-Karts The most likely venue will be in Crawley as this is fairly central to the 3 counties mentioned and has easy access to the M23/M25, Any one who's interested follow the link to...
  17. Saab Recommendations
    Spotted an NG900 the other day in Woking which looked to be a courtesy car for an independent Saab garage. I didn't get the full number off the side of the car but did notice it was an 01932 number which is Weybridge/Addlestone area. Anyone know a specialsit in that area ?
  18. Saab Recommendations
    Has anyone used Carlssons of Surrey (Leatherhead) to service their Saab recently? Thinking of taking mine to get done. Alex
  19. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    Can anyone recommend any Saab specialists in Surrey. Just bought a 9-3 convertible which I love to bits but have been shocked by the hourly rate charged by Saab dealers for servicing etc. As I have a SAAB Approved Used Warranty, I don't have a choice as yet, but its always worth knowing. Thanks.
1-19 of 20 Results