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  1. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Ok - So I have the standard 2010 AM/FM radio with single CD and green display. What are my aftermarket options - I could do with an easy self install BT phone and DAB radio with Android Auto (if possible for sat nav duties) Double Din radio space (I think) What have you fitted? Thanks in...
  2. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Conv/Combi/TurboX/AWD (2003+)
    Hiya Guys, Not sure if it's the amp or stereo that's bust in me Saab 9-3? All the speakers work fine so I've been told it's not the amp yet the front left door speaker sounds as if the speaker is blown and the front right door speaker just sounds very bass no matter how I adjust the bass and...
  3. Saab 9-3 & GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    What is the best stereo that will easily fit in the current stereo spots. My CD player doesn't work so I have poor music Choices. Would be nice to have Bluetooth abilities. Thanks
  4. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    hi i have a sport vector estate, but the sound system is crap i only have 4 speakers 2 on the dash and two at the rear. Just wondered if its easy job to buy and fit 2 door speakers and one centre dash speaker. cheers andy
  5. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    I have the strangest problem. Today when I started my car, the radio came on normally and I was able to change the station once. I didn't touch the stereo panel again until about 20 minutes later, when I was unable mute the radio, none of the functions on the radio were working, couldn't tune...
1-5 of 5 Results