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  1. Saab News
    Saab History has heard from Spyker Cars, PR company, PFPR in the U.K. that there will be a statement made today. It is quite probable that this statement will be made within the next few hours given that it’s getting close to the end of the day in Europe according to the Mike Stainton, of [...]
  2. Saab News
    GM Statement Regarding Stephen Taylor and Peter Torngren Appointments at Saab 2010-01-12 GM today confirmed that Stephen Taylor and Peter Torngren have been officially appointed by the appropriate authority in Sweden as wind-down supervisors of Saab and in this role they will jointly replace the...
  3. Saab News
    BREAKING: Swedish Government Statement On Saab Tonight 7pm in Detroit CET More details will be forthcoming. I don’t know exactly what website will be showing this statement and/or conference, but I will let you know as soon as I find out. Saab News: Swedish Government are meeting GM in Detroit...
  4. Saab News
    Saab History has received a statement from GM regarding the recent Saab inquiries. GM statement regarding Saab inquiries Following Friday’s announcement that GM will begin the orderly wind down of Saab, GM has received inquiries from several parties. We will evaluate each inquiry. We will...
  5. Saab News
    Exactly a week ago, GM released a statement regarding Saab negotiations. Today, they have posted a new statement indicating that there have been inquiries made to them expressing interest in Saab’s assets both in part and in full. Here is their updated statement: December 8th, 2009 As we said...
  6. Saab News
    This press release may be about a week old, but for all intents and purposes it is important to showcase Spyker’s official interest in Saab Automobile for the record as indicated on their website. News Release STATEMENT SPYKER CARS ON INTEREST IN SAAB ZEEWOLDE, The Netherlands (December 2...
  7. Saab News
    GM has just released an official statement regarding the Saab negotiations at this time. This confirms that GM will not keep Saab if no new buyer has sealed the deal by the end of the month, true to their original statement made in February at the press conference. GM Statement Regarding Saab...
  8. Saab News
    [ Saab Middle East ] Contrary to yesterday's story in the Wall Street Journal, GM has not changed its position on bankruptcy ... View the full article
  9. Saab News
    [ Saab USA ] Saab Automobile AB announced today that it has filed for reorganization in Sweden. In response to the concerns received from Saab's supplier base, General Motors Europe will promptly establish a viable mechanism for the timely payment of suppliers' claims towards Saab. ...
  10. Saab News
    [ Saab Global ] Saab Automobile AB announced today that it has filed for reorganization in Sweden. In response to the concerns received from Saab's supplier base ... View the full article
  11. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Enthusiasts, loyal defenders of the Marque and purchasers of Saab vehicles, If you had 10 words or less to put your view to GM about the Saab situation, what would that statement be?
1-11 of 12 Results