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    These things always happen when I’m sleeping….. thanks to the various people who emailed me about a sketch first appearing in Motor Trend and now doing the rounds. MT’s story is that the sketch was left on a table in a design studio where a bunch of journalists were getting schooled on the...
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    Note: This is NOT a Saab design sketch. It’s unoffical. Got it? Good. This is the work of a young Swedish design student, Niklas Palm. I’ve featured a few items of Niklas’ work before and have always enjoyed it. His prior posts here are available at the following links: Niklas Palm’s...
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    Did you know that the first drawing of the Saab 99 by Sixten Sason and Björn Envall was sketched on complimentary notepaper at the Hotell Bele in Trollhättan, Sweden? If you are planning on attending the Saab Festival from June 6-10th, 2007 this summer for the 60th Anniversary of Saab...
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    in Cartwright's profile (he's such a card!)
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1-5 of 5 Results