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  1. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    Good Day, fellow Saabists! Many will recall my recent ramblings on a deceased fuel pump in my 1995 CSE. It was a replaced with a Walbro (actually a HighFlow Systems-modified Walbro) 225lph pump which was, until last night, working a right treat. Now, something has gone HORRIBLY wrong. The car...
  2. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    I've had to do some hard thinking recently - the wife's still in and out of hospital and I'm making lots of short journeys, and the money situation isn't improving, now being on the one income. Couple this with the obvious trend to penalise those with larger engines/CO2 emmisions, and well... I...
1-2 of 3 Results