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  1. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    SAAB 1999 9-3 fan blower motor works only in the highest position
  2. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hello Guys, I am facing an issue with my setting menu, I can navigate in the menu but when i am on "Setting" if i click "SET" on the steering wheel nothing happened. When i press set on "Average consumption" for exemple there is a bip like it is not possible to do it. But on "Setting" no bip...
  3. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    Never needed to think but new puppy changes that. Normally I leave the car and activate alarm. 1 push of lock lights flash so presumably alarm on. 2 pushes, lights flash plus wee beep of horn, presuming alarm plus inside sensors?? Can any one enlighten me please. Obviously sent by me. Why on...
  4. New Saab 9-5 (2010 - on)
    Hi There. I have a problem setting the time in my 2011 9.5. It goes like this. I get in the car every morning and she tells me it is Sunday 1st January 2006 and it is 12.00 am. After gps clicks in I set the proper time and date and it's fine until I stop the car. If I am in and out within 15...
  5. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Setting Air-Con to off as default (95 MY06 model) Hi All, I've found a number of posts about how to turn the Air Con (A/C) off by default so that you never have to remember to turn it off each time you come to start the car in the mornings. However they all seem to cover the earlier 95 models...
  6. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anybody could help me please. I have a 1998 Saab 9-5 with ACC. The blower motor has been vibrating quite badly for around a year or so whenever the fan speed is set to between medium speed and high. Yesterday, the fan just stopped working...
  7. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    DOH! I cannot for the life of me remember how to set the date. I asked on a previous thread and cannot find it. Can someone please remind me!:)
  8. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    I now have a facelift 9-5. I would like to be able to change the default startup settings on the climate control to one`s I have chosen. On the earlier 9-5`s I seem to remember this involved pressing two buttons to retain the chosen settings, is this possible on the newer version?:confused:
  9. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi, I've had my 56 plate 9-3 Vector sport auto for 4 years now... Over that period, I have tended just to stick the aircon/fans in auto mode and not really adjust much other than the temperature dials. Over the last couple of days, the car has started randomly switching back to manual fan speed...
  10. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi. Only an irrating niggle, 95% of time I listen to ipod through AUX socket. Everytime I start up the stereo defaults to FM and I have to press CD or SRC twice (pausing whilst it registers CDX) to get to AUX. Is there anyway to make AUX the default setting on start up/Radio On? 2005 Vector...
  11. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    I have a 1996 900 Turbo - one registered owner FSH and the analog clock has got out of sync with the digital clock I understand that I can set the analog clock to midday, disconnect the battery, re connect the battery, switch on the radio to say BBC Radio 4 and then do the RDS sync by...
  12. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Hi all, Newbie to the site and to Saab ownership! I have just purchased a 1999 9-5 Estate 2.0 and the date on the readout is incorrect. The stereo system I have is the one with just the radio and CD and unfortunately the handbook I have is for one with a Radio/CD/Tape. Could someone please...
  13. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Now the weather is turning cooler I've started using the heater on my 2004 93 2.2tid. However it only blows hot when on the full HI setting. Any ideas anyone? BTW the engine is getting up to normal operating temp.
  14. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    I have bought a really nice 1993 78,000 mile 9000 CDE automatic. I have been driving a classic 900 S LPT for years, but due to back injury now have problems with a clutch. First I bought a GM 900 SE V6 auto, a nice car, but just didn't feel rght. Then I found this 9000 and I'm happy sorting...
  15. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Just got an ipod at long last as no CD changer in my 06 150 TiD SW. To get the same volume as the CD/Radio I need to turn the ipod vol up to max. Is it possible to set the Aux-in volume on the car to compensate for this, as I assume running at max output onthe ipod will reduce battery life...
  16. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    Abroad soon, so am concerned about the car alarm on my '97 900SE - it has gone off by itself once or twice just recently. Does simply disconnecting the car battery prevent it from going off, or is there anything else recommended when the car is stationary for longer periods of time (i.e. a few...
  17. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    I've just bought Mrs Rag-Top an '06 Diesel Linear Sportwagon to go with our 05 Aero Convertible, we take delivery on Saturday. a) I've read many of the Aux-In posts here and I think I can fit the connector+loom without any problem but: 1) Does the Aux-In work with all the various entertainment...
  18. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    Hi. Anyone know the torque settings when fitting a new anti roll bar drop link? Cheers, Lee Visit My Website
  19. Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    My Thermostat is stuck open and have obtained a replacement. I now need the torque setting before I can replace - can anyone help?
  20. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
1-20 of 58 Results