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    Photo Credit: Saab History Christian Von Koenigsegg, CEO of Koenigsegg Group, denies rumors of trouble in the investor group that plans on taking over Saab Automobile from GM. Here is a report from e24 & SVD, posted today about his interview with them. Koenigsegg Group CEO Christian von...
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    Radio 4 announced that GM are interested in maybe buying Chrysler? - I just don't get it !! Maybe they are a bit short on parts to make the new 9-5 with !!!!!!
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    [ QUOTE ] Are Rumors Hurting Sales? GM Looks to Reassure Buyers, Combat Talk of Bankruptcy; What Would Iacocca Do? The Wall Street Journal 01/16/06 by Gina Chon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Mark LaNeve's desk inside General...
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    For the 2005 model year on the 9-3 SS... In Europe from September the 9-3SS will get the 1.9 16v Multijet 150hp/320nm 4cyl turbo diesel... and perhaps even the 2.4 5cyl Multijet 170hp turbo diesel.. Also rumors are growing ever stronger that the wagon will be released too.. watch this space...
1-4 of 4 Results