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  1. Saab News
    If that headline doesn’t make any sense to you, try this….. Dmitry (in comments as ‘Dip’) is a guy i’ve featured here a few times before. He’s a Russian living in Canada and has had plenty of DIY experience. I covered his 900 Convertible restoration on the website (and the crash, too)...
  2. Saab News
    Saab Automobile USA has recently created an RSS feed for anyone to get up to the minute information on news, events and other promotions direct. RSS is short for “Real Simple Syndication” and is the new internet file format that has received widespead use to communicate content around the...
  3. Saabscene Announcements
    It is now possible to choose from the following Saabscene newsfeeds: Saabscene Performance Workshop Saabscene Saab 9-5 Workshop Saabscene Saab 9-3 / GM900 Workshop...
  4. Saab RSS feeds
    Here is a list of GM feeds about Saab, together with the intended markets and languages for those RSS feeds: Global-Saab-English Australia-Saab-English USA-Saab-English UK-Saab-English Middle East-Saab-English Sweden-Saab-Swedish...
  5. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Traffic updates from the HA on the web are now available on an RSS feed feed://
  6. Customer Service Desk
    Hi I found the RSS feed on for the 9-3 forum on the old version of the software very useful; however the URL no longer seems to work. Is there a way to access the new forums via RSS? Thanks - and nice job on the site, btw! Glenn.
  7. Customer Service Desk
    (I'm going for a maximal geek rating). I've recently switched to using an RSS aggregator to read all my "news-like" web sites. This makes it very convenient to keep up with postings. It looks like ultimatebb provides some RSS support (e.g...
1-7 of 8 Results