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  1. New Member Introductions.
    Hello, My name is Laimis, I've been lucky enough to have the username all to myself :) So I am a Lithuanian and if my grammar ain't in the sweet spot please excuse me. I bought myself a Saab 9-3 TiD Vector 2006 plate For £150, I know that's amazing, a jetplane for 150 quid :D As it was that...
  2. General Saab Discussions
    Last Friday had my 2008 93 tid estate in for the mot,broken front spring,not to bad ,I bought the spring £34 from ECP and got it fitted for £40 ,the guy only wanted to charge me £20,but I thought £40 was a fair price. The car was in for a full service today,needed discs and pads on the front ,so...
  3. Previous model ranges, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Hello Saab lovers, I've always wanted to buy Saab but never did that. This time I decided to finally have one. I don't have a large budget, max 800 and looking for something reliable with MOT and tax. Ideally - Hampshire. If you want to find a good home for your old baby give me ring at 0793...
  4. Saab Parts / Accessories, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Hey I've still got the brembo brakes left manage to shift almost everything else, so if u want big red 4 pot brembos with the Saab adapter for a cheap price , email me [email protected], I've also got a new throttle body £50 quid and an alloy style 9-5 dash £50 quid Cheers
  5. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    As it says.............. Not long ago on my I replaced my 03 Aero (9-5) estate's front struts and springs and rear shocks with factory originals and also front drop links. I had hoped by doing this it would, after settling in, give me a better ride. Well it did for a short time and now I'm a...
  6. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    The old 1991 N/A 2.0 9000 idles very poorly when cold and not much better when warm! She's done 100k and has no real evidence of a recent service. I'm going to treat her and do the full works. Anyway, do you think some Redex Injector cleaner would help or not? Could it have further...
  7. Saabscene: Performance
    Various Ebay retailers are selling tuning boxes at 100 quid for 9-3tid 150....are they any good and live up to the 'extra power gains' as advertised?
1-7 of 9 Results