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  1. Saab 9-3 & GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    guys need a bit of help i have in my saab the factory hands free cradle for the nokia 3310 so i managed to get an old phone and plug it into the cradle today as this is the 1st time of trying i think i am doing something wrong or need to adjust some sort of setting i put the phone in the...
  2. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Conv/Combi/TurboX/AWD (2003+)
    Before removing my car kit I've bee on the hunt for an alternative option. It's the Nokia cark 91 I have... I've found various conversion kits such as the cark 11 or the mobile fun cark-91, basically turning an old skool car kit into a bluetooth model which works with te stereo. Question I...
  3. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Conv/Combi/TurboX/AWD (2003+)
    Hi all, Does anyone have a user guide on how to remove an old skool nokia car kit (inc mic)? Anyone on here tried it and is it an easy job?
  4. Miscellaneous, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Your advert has been removed as it breaches the For Sale rules as clearly laid out at the top of the For Sale sections. Please re advertise following the rules. Any future breach will mean you will be banned. If you have any questions or are unsure then please ask. Thank you...
  5. Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Okay, I have just removed the redundant Nokia car cradle that came with the car. Pretty simple: removed side panel, disconnected the phone box via ISO 18 pin connector, disconnected mic lead and aerial and taped everything up. Job done I thought. I then went to reattach the plastic concertina...
1-5 of 82 Results