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  1. Current model range, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Just ignore the title. chose the wrong listing in the drop down. I'm selling my 05/55 9-3 sportswagon. its a 1.9tid vector sport in blue. its been hirsched up to 175bhp, has full leather interior, privacy glass, xenon headlights, geniune saab loadliner and dog gaurd. its got a full service...
  2. Saab Forecourt
    I offered to swap it for my neighbour's 9-5 (just above the roofline in the pic) and he thought about it and declined.....
  3. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Oh yes, going up the favourite hill in our area, I really had to boot it to get past the missus in her Fabia. Her car's done 5,000 miles now and it really is starting to shift!! Will be interesting if she books in for the re-map, which lives torque to near to 300lb.
  4. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Going on a round trip tomorrow from the Midlands to Carlisle and back with the wife and kids. Is there anything of interest not too far from the motorway from Stafford upwards? Are there any retail parks near the M6 on that stretch (i.e. only a few miles off the motorway). Any places that...
1-4 of 8 Results