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    This wouldn't have happened if he had bought a Saab... How can anybody reverse so quickly while being oblivious to what's behind? Flattened_Exige
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    A poor chap in Devon left his car to be valeted, only to return to this: I must add that the extra miles were not done by any Saab dealers / specialists!
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    Just heard on local regional news that Lotus have announced plans to move production of the new Esprit to Malaysia. They say they can't afford to build it here. This of course would not affect the integrity of the Lotus brand. Yeah right. The Elise will continue to be built here but for how...
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    Today My brother decided to buy this! I think he might be starting a bread delivery round eBay Item Mike
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    Jimbo cam trackday site Video of a Lotus giving it some arround the very hallowed tarmac that we ourselves flung out cars, and where we again plan to in future.
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    I have just been following a story on the news about the last Esprits to be made. This has prompted me to reflect back on a sportscar I really admired. With its almost total lack of turbo lag, and turbo take up at 1500RPM, that 2.2L engine was possibly the first decent turbo powered car. The...
1-6 of 7 Results