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  1. Saab 9000 (1984 - 1998)
    I'd like to purchase some fog lights for my car, and I assumed the wiring loom for the fog lights would be there (there is an unusable switch covering where the fog light switch would be, as well as a cover that can be taken off for the fog lights to be mounted). However, once I took the cover...
  2. Saab News
    As a post-script to my quick review of Top Gear Australia’s first episode last night, Trent W has been kind enough to shoot through a handful of images from the show. I wrote about the soft-roader story and how Charlie Cox got the Toyota Rav4 airborne when he failed to stop at the finish line...
  3. Saab News
    Last weekend, a little two-stroke Saab 93 from the 1950s took to the track at LeMans - and won. Personally speaking, I’d be quite happy if they bought this little car and preserved it in the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, but on the other hand, it’d be fully appropriate if it were to keep on...
  4. Saab News
    I’ve been enjoying disovering more about the Saab Lancia 600 this week. Not only have we managed to unearth some more photos from out there in cyberspace (see below), but we’ve also found one for sale and today I’ll extract an owner’s story from comments (again, see below). Click here to read...
  5. Saab News
    The initial images got out last night and the inevitable happened - Saab threw open the doors on the 9-4x concept vehicle. All this happened while I was sleeping, of course, so you’ve most likely seen all these already at other sites, but I had to get a record of them here. Below is the press...
  6. Saab News
    I’m not sure exactly what Saab Sweden are promoting with these, but the imagery they’re using on their website at the moment sure is pretty cool. Can anyone out there recommend a good product for learning Swedish? It’s long overdue for me. I’ve got to get in on what these guys are talking...
  7. Saab News
    The first of Richo's pictures from the BioPower/Diesel launch have started to hit my inbox. There'll be plenty more to come. Here's a little taste: ---------------- DJ Batish on the mike, y'all ------------- The Performance Driving Centre guys doing their best Saab Performance...
  8. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    As requested please see images of sump:
  9. Customer Service Desk
    Hallo, Please can someone tell me how to upload images to the gallery. Am I missing something, because I cannot see any way of doing this from the gallery web page. It does seem very user friendly or am I just a wosem? Cheers, John
  10. Customer Service Desk
    Hi Guys, I am trying to upload jpeg imges (from my desktop) of a scanned installation instruction but cannot seem to do it - it says when I created the topic HTML is not enabled. UBB Code™ is enabled. what do I need to do...
  11. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Is it possible, so members may proudly show off their good, bad and real ugly SAABS!
1-11 of 15 Results