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    Are you on Google+? Follow CARiD on Google+ and reveal exclusive deals on car parts we’ll only share with our Google+ circles. G+ insiders, watch out for the first deal this Friday 02/3!
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    I wondered if you guys would be interested in seeing this: Pretty cool website! Has anyone heard of the Saab Sonnet? Back from 1956! There can't be that many around these days but man I would love to have one...
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    Link This site shows Saabs (or any other make of vehicle) for sale on ebay with location overlaid on google maps. Another link for our friends across the pond Cheers
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    Nürburgring added to Google Earth Higher resolution images now avialable for those interested: Co-ordinates 50 20 45 N 6 58 03 E Love Google Earth - whole swathes of the Earth not done yet though. Suppose it is quite big
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    Google map based traffic info Some camera locations to
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    Check out Google Earth. It lets you view aerial photography of anywhere on Earth in a very easy to use interface. You can fly from place to place and show points of interest, placenames, etc It is very good. Free download here Google Earth
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    It don't work no more . Anyone know why? And can anyone suggest a decent alternative? I can't cope without Google .
1-7 of 12 Results