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    Saab History has learned that the Saab Club in Portugal have recently gathered for their own SAVE SAAB event. Great job!
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    Photo Credits: Saab Turbo Club Of Sweden/em> The “Save Saabâ€� Gathering In Trollhättan, Sweden was quite impresssive as the over 2,000 Saabs parked in Saab Automobile’s factory parking lot! For more photos, please visit this link.
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    The Italian Saab Club organizing a “Save Saab” gathering which attracted approximately 20 Saabs. They met near Franciacorta's Circuit in Castrezzato (BS), near Milano.
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    The “Save Saab” gathering in Helsinki, Finland had 125 Saabs in attendance and an even larger amount of supporters! A great job in showing support to a place once home to the production of a number of Saabs including the convertible and the Viggen!
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    Photo Credit: Saab Club of Austria The Saab Club of Austria managed to get nearly 71 Saabs in Vienna, Austria for their “Save Saab” gathering. For more photos, please visit this link.
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    The Saab Club of Denmark had an unknown amount of Saabs that were in attendance to convoy to Trollhattan, Sweden as part of the “Save Saab” campaign. They reported to have 20+ cars / some 35+ ppl, who would gather at the American Embassy and join the Swedish Saab Club on Sunday in Trollhättan...
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    The “Save Saab” convoy in Norway to Sweden was represented by surprisingly only 5 Saabs. For more photos, please click here
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    The “Save Saab” gathering in Ekatarinburg, Russia had approximately 29 Saabs in attendance. It was nice to see them using the “I love Saab” campaign banners as well for their group photo! For more photos please click here.
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    Over 125 people attended the “Save Saab” gathering in Estonia at Viking Motors where the convoy visited both the Embassy of Sweden and the U.S.
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    It looks like the folks in New Mexico with the newly formed club had a decent turnout considering the age of their club and the Saab enthusiasts in the area. For more photos, please visit this link here. Saabisti NM, the Saab Club of New Mexico has completed their SAVE SAAB...
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    Photo Credit: Drew The Southern California “Save Saab” convoy has just gotten back to Saab History with a Saab count of about 30. The event seemed to go quite well for them as they described in their summary below. For more photos, click here. We took about a 120 mile road trip up the...
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    There were over 20 Saabs at the “Save Saab” gathering in Malaysia today. Great turnout in short notice with a nice group photo! For more photos, please take a look at these two links here and on picasaweb.
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    Photo Credit: Mark Coursey This is by far, the smallest Save Saab gathering in the world perhaps, but very well executed, great Saabs and perfect locations! Cheers to them for making their statement and sending their message! The convoy started at IKEA Adelaide. It unfortunately started...
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    Photo Credit: Vidvud The Latvian Saab club have come together in an outstanding show of support today as part of the global “SAVE SAAB” campaign. Here are some more photos at this link:
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    Photo Credit: ? A “Save Saab” gathering took place outside of Stockholm, Sweden at the largest IKEA in the world, at Kungen’s Kirva. Excellent job!
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    Photo Credit: ? A number of enthusiasts quickly assembled another “Save Saab” gathering, this time in Brisbane, Australia in front an IKEA!
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    Photo Credit: Poznan The Saab Club of Poland pulled over 270 Saabs and more than 500 people to this event in Warsaw, incredible! Here’s a summary and a very well done video along with a link for photos: The Saab Support Convoy in Warsaw took part about 270 Saabs in Warsaw, with more than 500...
1-19 of 31 Results