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  1. Saab Forecourt
    2008 9-3 Aero TTiD Got 2 spoilers going on the rear this week so whenever i get them on i'll update with a rear pic.
  2. Saab Forecourt
    As above, post up some pics of your cars, theres lots of members on here, regulars, that i havent even seen their car. The other saab sites have a gallery thread and we dont, so get posting :)
    Hi guys! We decided to make separate customer photo threads on every forum we are on, so that you could actually see how that part will look like on a vehicle before ordering it. From now we’ll be posting all pics we get from our customers here. Bought anything from CARiD? Show it off and...
  4. Saab News
    Many thanks to Jon1 for dropping this one into comments. There’s a massive photo gallery from Saabs at Carlisle 2008 over at the New York Saab Owners Club website. 350 photos in all. As mentioned previously, there’s a huge number of Saabs that turn up at the annual event - some of them...
  5. Saab News
    This weekend saw the 5th annual Springtime in Sweden gathering in New Hampshire. The event is held to honor the memory of the Crisman brothers, Kyle and Tim, who were both Saab nuts and passed tragically in a car accident. ChrisCam84 attended the event and has been kind enough to permit the...
  6. Saab News
    There’s some animation on the Saab International site. Still fighting the server issues…… Share This </img>
  7. Saab News
    I can’t tell you a darn thing about the recent Swedish Car Day, held in Boston last weekend. All I know is that it happened, there looks to have been a lot of cars there and from what ChrisCam84 tells me, people had a good time. So, about the cars. ChrisCam84’s gallery is here, but there’s...
  8. Saab News
    Ferdinand, in Sydney, has shot through some pics from his visit to the Australian International Motor Show yesterday. These pics give another perspective on some of the details of the Turbo X and the other Saabs at the stand. Click on them to enlarge, and enjoy. (more…) Share This
  9. Saab News
    There’s some more photos coming later, but these are the ones of the cars….. My thanks to Richo for once again going above and beyond the call, and taking some brilliant shots of the Turbo X and the other Saabs at the AIMS. His notes and thoughts from the day are here. Click to enlarge any...
  10. Saab News
    It's well beyond time that I put some of the stock images of the new 2008 Saab 9-3 range here for posterity. Great car, but I can't help but think that Saab's photography has slipped a little over the last couple of years. The studio stuff back in 03-04 was just brilliant and hasn't been...
  11. Saab News
    I got an email from Bjoern this morning. What a weekend he had! <blockquote>My Saab Dealer opened a new location and had the Aero-X as a "customer magnet" and special feature. And as I'm quite good with them I could do what ever I wanted. So... I took pictures of the car, the wheel, the...
  12. Saab News
    Saab engaged the services of a professional photographer for the 60th Anniversary event in San Diego early last month. Here's a sample of the pics that were taken by the dude. A mix of regular and cross-processed stuff. Not bad. Certainly a different style for Saab, whose photography is...
  13. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    I've seen in a few of the other (and non-Saab) forums a members car(s) gallery in a sticky at the top of the forum. I was just wondering what you guys thought about having/starting one. I know there have been plenty of good piccys from the various meets, but do you think there's room for...
1-13 of 14 Results