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    I read somewhere recently, and have been meaning to raise it on here ever since, that the parking fines imposed by private firms in supermarket or retail park car parks, usually for staying too long, can be difficult to collect. The reason given was that although the DVLA will indeed hand out...
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    My Aero estate was a insurance write off (probably CAT D) in May 2006 and was left with the body shop. My insurance company paid out after sending them the docs. I also informed DVLA and received notification that I was no longer the registered keeper. So why am I still receiving parking and...
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    Bath Chronicle 20th April 2005 A French couple have returned to their native country after racking up unpaid parking fines of £12,000. Council officials had been aware of the motorists' antics for several weeks before the pair left their jobs in Bath. But despite being given information by the...
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    This is the situation: I have been parking outside my house for almost seven years on a section of road that has worn double yellow lines. The double yellow lines are not supposed to be painted where they are and I have a letter from the council that confirms that the lines extend too far and...
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    Works in Aus anyway Source:
1-5 of 5 Results