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  1. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Hey guys, I have a WiFi ELM327 module. On OBDII-compliant cars it works like a charm. I just telnet to it and send commands... With my Saab, no go: NO DATA, since it's a pre-2001 EU car. My question is: is it possible to use this device to communicate with a pre-OBD Saab 9-5? (MY98 V6...
  2. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Has anyone got one of these units off Ebay and installed OBDll software (Windows XP) which they are satisfied with? The drivers from FTDI seem to have installed OK but the info. with Scanmaster is very limited unless you pay a fair chunk of money for the licence. The alternatives seem to be OBD...
1-2 of 2 Results