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  1. EGR Valve

    I know there is previous advice on this issue but I thought I would add my experiences. Recently the engine warning light came on. My simple plug in stated the EGR valve. I changed it about 2 years ago so with a mere 91000 (09 TiD auto) I was sure it was not a fatal problem. I went down the...
  2. How to tell if TTiD EGR valve is a goner?

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi, I've been experiencing loss of power and build up of soot in my EGR and intake manifold system. Typical diesel yada-yada... Weekend before this weekend I cleaned my EGR valve. It was a complete mess, proper sootfest. The power restored for a couple of days, but I felt it started lagging...
  3. Is it recommened to clean the EGR on regular basis i.e 6-9 months....?

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Is it good to regularly take off and thorughly clean the EGR...? I have heard of problems with these EGR's... I used to own a few Vectra B 's with the 2.0 DTi engines which suffered badly with EGR valves, solenoids and vac pipes..... I just did not wanna open a can of worms..... As at the moment...
  4. Not starting after blanking off EGR valve

    Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Hi all, advice needed please 9-5 3.0 TiD 2002 124,000 miles. Have sufferd years of lethargic performance (& occasional stalling & non starting) due to a sticking EGR valve. Valve constantly open and the plenum chamber gets badly clogged with thick black deposits. I tried using EGR cleaner...
  5. TTID engine management light on - EGR valve problem

    Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    I've started a new thead for this - Background MY09 TTID - Engine Management light came on last Sunday, lost power, pulled over & stopped car, waited 5 mins then drove off fine with normal power. Booked car into Sarbkar last Wednesday for code reading. Drove to Manchester Monday & Tueday (200...
  6. Saab 93 Tid 150 EGR Valve Manifold DPF

    New Member Introductions.
    Hi, I have a 93 1.9Tid 150 2007 65K. Just recently I noticed it was very slow-dead in fact taking off. Then it seemed to improve-not back to its normal standard but it was better. I put this down to a dodgy fill up. Then one day it went dead again & I noticed the engine warning light came on. I...
  7. 9-3 tid 150 EGR Valve please help

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi i have a 2005 tid 150 not had the car long i bought it with the engine light on i put it on opcom & got the code p0400 about the egr valve so i took it off cleaned but it did not help so today i cleaned it again but this time done the inside were the spring & pin, that sorted it the light has...
  8. Saab 9-3 2006 2.0L Petrol EGR Valve

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi, I'm having trouble with my Saab 9-3, the engine is lumpy and on accleration gains and looses power. Having searched the web it would appear that the egr valve is the culprit, can anyone tell me where the valve is located and if it is easy to remove / clean..?? Any recommendations of where...
  9. 93 TID EGR - advice please

    Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    I have an '06 93 TID 150 bhp, with 101k miles. I removed and cleaned the EGR valve about 20kmiles back, to fix starting and low rev problems. In the last week, I have had some cold start issues, and so removed the EGR valve again - not that much carbon build-up. I wasn't able to remove the...
  10. EGR Valve or Intercooler Problems Lose Of Power Saab 2.2 Vecftor Year 2004 Reg

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi All. Can someone please help me, I am new to this so all help would be much appreciated. I have a Saab 2.2 Vector, year 2004. This past couple of weeks I have noticed the car does not have the poke it used to, and the other day driving home at night I noticed smoke form the back from the...
  11. Saab 93 1.9 8v tid mis fire after egr change

    Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    Hi all, I'm new to saabs and this site, Sorry first post and i'm already after advice. when i brought my 93 the MIL was on, i plugged this into a reader which said 0400 low flow, egr, the car run fine with the light on but i had the egr changed anyway. after having the egr changed there is a...
  12. New Partical filter, Egr, & regen sensor but EML will not clear?

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi all. Please Help! I have a 55 reg 9-3 sports-wagon 120 8v. The engine light came on took it to my local garage who i have used for years- fault was pointing to particle filter sensor which was replaced, two weeks later light on again, new EGR valve, 1 week later light on again PARTICULATE...
  13. Removing DPF or EGR and then upgrading firmware

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hello I have got a question. If I remove an DPF or EGR from an ECU and then I will update firmware will I lose the changes I done before? Thanks Lukasz
  14. Removing EGR from ECU - Where near London

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Hi guys I'd like to remove an EGR valve from ECU. Do you know where could I do this and how much it might cost? Thaks Lukasz
  15. Best place to buy an EGR?

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    I want to replace the EGR on my 93 55 plate Vector 150tdi. Any ideas where I can an EGR from without going to the main dealers and how much it should cost? I'll fit it myself so just supply only. cheers Mike
  16. EGR Valve Picture

    Classic Saab 9-3/GM900 (1994 - 2002)/Conv ( -2003)
    I have been looking for a good picture of where the EGR Valve is in a 2001 9-3 Turbo. I cannot find an exact description/picture, even though I have a manual, CD, and have looked on-line. Everyone mentions the Saab 9-3, but show another model or one without the turbo. Please, where is it on...
  17. EGR issues?

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    Guys, had a bit of stuttering under 2.5k RPM and no again the car stutters at speed so I asked local garage to clean the EGR. They did it and it seemed to improve, its recently started happening again and I also had an engine management light coming on too, although at times the EML went off...
  18. Stripped threads - EGR bolt holes

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    I mentioned this one on another post but thought a new thread would be better for future searches: I've had my EGR valve (TiD 150) on and off so many times that now the threads have stripped on 2 out of the 4 mounting bolt holes where it bolts onto the back of the manifold. It's holding with...
  19. 2.2 tid egr valve clean up etc............

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    I have just taken off the egr valve and the bit with the butterfly valve and sensor off and gave them a clean. Then took off the next part of manifold and clean that out to. The holes in these parts were at least half the diameter due to all the soot and rubbish in them. The next part of the...
  20. EGR

    Saab 9-3 Sedan/Combi/TurboX/AWD(2003+)/Conv(2004+)
    could any one tell me if my egr is choked up will that alter my boost? i have recently fitted a black box chip to the car which is a 93 aero 1.9 tid 2007 model