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    Random find of the day was... a game of pong on tech-2! I was visiting the guys at the local specialists to see how they are and as they were quite busy they asked me if I could quickly tech-2 a car for them. Anyway, 2005 9-3 in the airbag diagnostics menu on tech-2 I saw an option of "pong"...
  3. Saabscene Events
    This is an invite to all Saab owners from the South West Saab car club. We are organising a Family Treasure Hunt with Easter Egg Hunt in the Yeovil, Somerset, (UK) Area for the 5th April, a week before Easter. Please check our site at for full details. Put it in...
  4. Saab News
    Happy Easter to all of you Saabisti out there. As the important date on the Christian calendar, I hope that it reminds you about things of a spiritual nature. For you Orthodox folks, that date isn’t for another month or so, so Happy Easter in advance for you. Easter was a great time here for...
  5. Saab News
    Hi all, Just a quick message to wish you all a happy Easter holiday. If you’re travelling and visiting family, do it safely and whatever you do, have a great time. The Easter Bunny was recently spotted, below, making his rounds. I hope he stopped at your place. Have an Easter egg for...
  6. Saabscene Events
    Nice weather, nice Saabs, nice people, nice host (Felix, thanks again ) Pictures taken by Bram.
  7. Saabscene Events
    Through a misunderstanding between two drunks (one of them me), I somehow agreed to organise a Scottish meet, even though I live 400 miles away. So on Saturday 10th April, I intend to be in Scotland and it would be an awful shame if I was there on my own. It is suggested that we start...
1-7 of 8 Results