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    The main thrust of the Autoweek 9-3 review was, naturally, about the car. You can read my thoughts on that here. But there was another part to this review. A discussion of the iconoclastic nature of Saabs and the people who buy them. I’ll confess that whilst my vocabulary is quite...
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    This review out of Autoweek is a pretty big one and deals with several different areas to do with Saab, so I’m going to divide it into two parts. And I’ll start with the latter part - the actual review of the car. You’ve all heard me rave on about the 2008 Saab 9-3 and some of you may have...
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    Just when I was starting to think that Automotive magazines had stopped doing road tests all together..... Autoweek have taken the 9-3 SportCombi for a spin and the resulting review is typical of why Saab USA believe that the SportCombi is a potential flag bearer for the brand in 2007. I'd...
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  5. Saab News
    Ignore this - duplicate(ish) post to "green light for Saab 9-3X " thread....
1-5 of 5 Results