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  1. Current model range, FOR SALE and WANTED
    Hi Guys I have a silver 2003 93 Aero (bought new) for sale. I am currently insuring it by the month and want a quick sale, so it is priced very low. Has normal wear and tear for a car of it's age and scuffs to front and rear bumpers. Car has been regularly serviced and maintained and is still...
  2. Classic Saab 9-5 (1997 - 2009)
    Best £500 I ever spent!!! The short version of this story is that the DI cassette gave up while on the move back in July last year. I was on holiday in Cornwall, so it was down to Riders in Falmouth to get a new DI cassette (they threw in the spark plugs as well - top blokes!) Anyway, in...
  3. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    £500 reward & Drunk drivers Would you be prepared to report a drunk driver to the police in order to receive a £500 reward ?
  4. Help, Advice, Saabs and Motoring
    £500 reward Question: Would you grass on a drunk driver for £500 ? Seems like a good scheme to me, must take the mobile to the pub next time I go
1-4 of 4 Results