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  1. Saab 95 & 96 Two stroke and V4 (1949 - 1980)
    Hi all, Two weeks ago I was hit head-on while driving our 1962 95 bull nose. Now I have the back-and-forth with the insurance company. It was a very good example and very original. How to value it? Any evidence would be appreciated...
  2. Saab 95 & 96 Two stroke and V4 (1949 - 1980)
    Hej ! Did anybody here built new seat belts into his saab96 (1960-1964 model) ? I don't have a clue how to fit the belt onto the "B-column" aside the door ? it seems to be too thin/weak for installing a seat belt... regards, sven-olof volvoniac (at)
1-2 of 2 Results