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Vectra B
Nocturno blue
Full gsi MSD
Don't know where to put this , but for years down my neck of the woods there was this mature gentleman , who use to drive this car , he always has to great big dogs in the back of the car and the cars windows were covered in dog slobber .
I always thaught ....
1) that car must smell of dog
2) what's a man like that driving a high performance car ?
But that's a bit ageist .
Anyroadup up time passed and I never saw tha car again ,
Roll forward 2 weeks ago first week in feb 2016
And looking on that well known auction site at vectras , and low and behold this is for sale 30 miles away from me Price £1200 or offer , so I message the chap as he says the cambelts and alternator has been done so I just wanted to make sure he had receipts to prove , yes he dose
So I put in a Mike Brewer cheaky offer of £850.00
He messages me next day saying when can I pick up ?
So it's mine .
Get it and he gives me a folder full of invoices
Every service and I find out this car was owned by that mature chap down the road from me .
He spent £600 on seat belts cos the dogs kept chewing them .
He also spent last year £1300 on mot plus service .
The chap I brought it from , brought it 5 months earlier off a dealer as a part ex bargin , he was going to keep it , but he gets itchy fingers and fancied a change .
I've had 5 vectra B in the past ( this my 6th )
2-SRI ,1-cd ,( all 2.0 engines ) 1-2.5 GSI 1-2.6 CDX and now this .
2001 Vauxhall Vectra B (Nocturno blue)


Standard 2.6 v6 with updated cams pushing 172 bhp
It's a plumbers master piece
Usual GSI recaros with wear on drivers bolster ,
Dog hair found on every entery into the car ( I've Hoover it so did the last owner ) missing boot floor cover ,
But all original ( it's an Sri really with silver bits here and there
Usual GSI with added tow bar ( twin electrics )
Couple of scrapes down off side rear touch in with dulux paint
Standard GSI radio with cd auto changer in glove box
Standard GSI uprated springs and dampers
Wheel and Tire
Standard GSI 17" alloys phase 2
With a mixture of tyres



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