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This car is my dad's which he used to rally back in 1986, This car has had mega work done to it in the past!. It was bought for £1000 at Brecks garage in York and has done 151,000 miles from 1977 to 1986. It was to be a replacement for his 1972 99 L the engine is around 150-200hp as we haven't tested it and it dosen't run. It does well over 8000rpm and has been bored out to 2030cc with a race camshaft. He had asked Will Gollop to tune it to 290hp, They said even if you had 290hp "you could go shopping in it" But Couldn't afford it so decided to do it himself.
As far as we know it was the first Saab 99 ever to have flared wheel arches like an escort but riveted to the side Which were made by his friend Roy Jarvis who run Ralloy Engineering in 1986 who also made a few other parts as a 1 off for the car Which was a big step in style for the 99.
The car is made from multiple other Saab's, the engine being part turbo part Ems 118hp model, The suspension from a 900 areo, Boot and windscreen from his old 99L and the doors/door mirrors from a 900i.
The car went off the road in 1996 and has not been touched since after the high revving engine blew up due to massive valve float caused by some crappy Cosworth double valve springs.
1977 Saab Ems (White)


A Saab 99 Ems 118hp b engine highly modified to an unknown power around 150-200hp, re bored to 2030cc, racing camshaft, turbo crankshaft, turbo clutch, mahle racing pistons, balanced crank, racing manifold and twin 6bar fuel pumps. The engine had a lumpy tick over, only worked smoothly above 4000rpm, would spray fuel out of the exhaust and could go all the way to 8000rpm before a gear change. The engine was such a powerful unit it ruined the gearbox every 25000 miles.
My dad got together with a few people to design their own limited slip diff for the car and each put £900 in for development and to create 9 of these 1 for each of the people who inquired into making one but sadly it never got developed and all money and plans for it were lost in the early 80's.
Every piece of trim or lining has been removed apart from the dash.
The doors were plated up with sheets of aluminum riveted on with an interior light, potti light slot, map light and passenger air horn with compressor.
2 Cobra bucket seats were put in place with 4 point sabelt harnesses, The dash has been extensively modified with another first of turning the dash tray upside down to be used as dials. which was used from his 1972 99 L, The passenger foot rest was also made by Roy/Ralloy.
There is a 6 bar fuel pump switch replacing the rear demister then an electrical cut out on the inside and out as well as a fire extinguisher behind the rear seats with pull cords on the inside and out.
The fire extinguisher has pipes leading to the engine bay boot and driver/passenger compartment with 2 stainless steel plates added as firewalls with braided fuel lines visible by the passenger foot well.
Saab sport and rally steering wheel with full roll cage made by safety devices.
The car has had all chrome trim removed, American double headlamps and Bosch halogen spots.
It has been raised off the ground for more clearance and a home made sump guard around 5mm thick.
Lexen windows and those nice wheel arches designed like an escort mk2 but they wanted them to be flat topped instead and meet to the same height as the bonnet.
The first Saab to have major work removing the fuel cap and re styling the body so in case it rolled it wouldn't pour fuel out.
Most people didn't bother with it back then but the body was re worked completely and re styled in certain areas. the front wings were also re made 1mm thicker in case of an impact.
As far as that goes there is none but the awesome sound to the engine! that once worked...
the only one i can think of is the engine timer Which has only just gone above 6k hours!
The springs were from a 900 areo to give it a stiffer, firmer and higher ride. The shocks are Billstein blue and yellow competition shocks *Forgot the model* and massive anti roll bars were fitted to stiffen the ride all together.
The brakes were good enough at standard Saab but he had a little idea in the 80's. that was to put 2 inner pads on each disk so they would grip better for faster stopping performance instead of using Saab competition parts which were more expensive and wouldn't last as long.
the handbrake that gripped the front was also modified with the rear brakes with a pin that could be flicked across to use use the rear brakes as a hand brake for hand brake turns.
Wheel and Tire
The wheels are revolution 5 spoke 15" alloys and the snow set are the original Ems alloys painted white.
Tires Pirelli cn36 Cinturatos
not sure about the others as they have been shredded or left over stock from ages ago.



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