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Thread: GM 900 Reliability?

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    Oct 2004
    Witham, Sunny Essex

    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    since my last post on ths subject only the starter sometimes is a little sticky. so that a tail light, centre box and sticky starter.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    900 xs ,though badged SE
    Head gasket replacement(by self)
    Two idler pulleys &Drive belt replaced(self)
    Air Con not working, pending..........
    Many times heater control knobs broke.
    crank shaft sensor replaced
    Central locking occasionally not working
    Perhaps I'm easily pleased I think the "cockpit"of the 900 is a pleasent environment
    to be-makes me think twice about buying other makes of car.

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    Jan 2005

    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    900 xs ,though badged SE (same as above - i thought it was just mine)

    96 2.0i SE 77K miles , family owned for 6 years
    Just driven to the French Alps and back (1,200 miles) with a full roof box of skis & boards (kitchen sink etc).
    Averaged 31.5 mpg doing the top end of the speed limits and climbing the hairpins up to 2100m.
    Had the car in the snow at -25C to best -10C for a month and it started first turn of the key every time i dug the car out of the snow (every week), not the same for most of the cars i saw having to be jumped or dragged to the garage
    She did drip a bit of coolant whilst she was dumped in the snow but she didnt lose any on the way there and back and seems fine now - altitude sickness ?.

    Drove very well in the snow but you would expect that from a Swedish car.

    Apart from a failed thermostat (diagnosed by the guys on the forums here), heater knobs broke and a rear exhaust box being replaced we like our old Saab.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Update on mine: 97 SE Talladega
    Ariel motor is dying now, so 6 inches of ariel stick out.
    Left headlight wiper motor is not working.
    Got to say, this is 900's getting on my nerves now.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    900 SE Convertible 1998 2.3i , 50k miles

    I've owned the car 4 weeks and this is what I'm looking at :
    - a replacement tonneau motor (very expensive).
    - my clutch is very heavy so that's either a new cable or a new clutch.
    - my aerial sometimes sticks , not a big problem but a pain.
    - headlight bulb went - sods law!

    I'm really hoping this isn't going to be one of those cars that is just a drain on my bank balance!

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    I can't vouch for Saab reliability yet (only owned mine a week) but she has 173,000 miles on the clock, and looks and drives like a much lower mileage car.

    I think this says a lot about the build quality if nothing else.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Sorry, forgot to mention 96/N 900GM 2.0 16v.

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    May 2005

    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Only had my 900SET auto for a month and 1000 miles, but last owner had problems with head gasket, DI cassette, auto box switch/sensor, excessive movement of bulkhead???? all sorted with dealer and full history, now 63k miles, loving Saab driving

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Update. Done about 500 miles in my GM900 2.0 now.

    1) Noticed a squeaking noise when turning at slow speeds. Sounds like brake squeal, but happens when not braking (which I don't whilst cornering).
    2) I have the well documented saab suspension clunks and pops. Bushes will be replaced soon along with the rubber stops.
    3) Very slight up+down play in the steering column. I'm assuming that this is related to the rack adjustment.
    4) Slight vibration through the steering wheel at 70mph+ (assuming suspension related)
    5) Very odd metallic clicking noise, noticeable when coasting at slow speeds. No idea what it is at all.
    6) Heater position dial and actuator broken.

    Other than these relatively (I hope) minor problems I'm very impressed with the car. I am however concerned about the suspension, which seems to have major problems with speed bumps and uneven ground. This could just be down to bushes, stops, shocks, springs etc... all the usual things that eventually wear out.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    A little bit of an update,at118,000 miles(15 months ago) idler pulleys failed-also had a head gasket leak so replaced this at the same time,idler pullies and belt were "pattern parts",now with 132,000 miles+up no problem so far,head gasket replaced torqued to spec,no further problems with this either,I bought a new rocker gasket but did not fit it, in hindsight I think I should have, as I have an oil leak which passes through to the distributor and leaks oil on to the top hose though does not affect the running or performance--To sum up reliability to me means not being stranded at the side of the road which has'nt happened,I can live with the non working a/c, cigar lighter, and loopy headlightwipers that never reset properly, and the line of missing pixels as long as I can get from A to B without mishap, the 900 serves that purpose well.

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Bought my 95 NG900 2.0i 3 door manual about a month ago and have truly fallen in love with the swedish floozy.
    Only paid £240 for her, as she does have a few wrinkles I must iron out:

    * Busted reverse (still waiting for someone to answer my my recent post on that one!)
    * Exhaust is blowing, but should soon replace with SS unit (can't wait!)
    * Just discovered a very slow coolant leak, possibly on my radiator (is this common?)

    Still, she drives like a dream, and is so comfortable I fear driving when tired and waking up in a ditch!
    My first SAAB, and I suspect not my last either!

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    1995 900s Non Turbo 5 door
    143,000 miles still going strong.
    In last 20,000 only faults have been :

    airbag recall

    one front ball joint (These are 20 times the price of one for my c900)

    headlamp wash wipe paked up

    and a/c packed up

    in other word bu##er all what a great car

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    1995 model, 2.0i S, GM900.

    owned from 2001 to 2004, mileage 79k to 101k.

    Handbrake cables replaced.
    Clutch replaced.

    Otherwise only service items required although I think the clutch began to play up again around the time I part exchanged it for my 9-3.

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    Saab Nut
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    Oct 2004
    Witham, Sunny Essex

    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    3rd post and really replacing worn out items.

    centre and back box on exhaust

    battery - not so clever

    front brake discs and pads all round

    front shocks - they were sha**ed!

    changed arb droplink bushes for poly

    added 2nd rear outer a.r.b.

    changed nearside steering bush for poly.

    starter motor still a bit sticky but ok.

    the car is 7 1/2 years old and most of the parts except exhaust and ? battery were original.

    think that is pretty good

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    Re: GM 900 Reliability?

    Well it's my 2nd GM900 convertible. First got written off by a lorry after 4 months ownership -Monte Carlo yello was awesome, it was a 1997 900s and only needed brakes change( front disk worn low) all replaced and had change from £250. only prob was the 'non-Saab' garage did not replace the front pad retaining screw, which caused it to slip and lock brake (I could reverse ok!!) which meant a Xmas relay from the AA after a 70 mile journey and replacing ariel - broke in a car wash!!

    2nd car, 1994 SE Turbo Convertible not as good, knew it had some cosmetic prob but list is are 4 weeks:

    New engine (con rod) went through block
    Water pump (was leaking after engine change)
    Ignition pack (failed week after engine 500 mile service)
    Ignition relay
    Rear window demister needs replacing (broken connections at window - advice greatly accepted)
    Electric windows (only go in 1 direction, inwards, again advice greatly accepted & appreciated)
    Loose windscreen wiper (retaining nut - nice & easy)
    Replacing alloys as prev owner had damaged them on the inside - caused wobble over 60mph and uneven tyre wear.

    That asides it is a lovely car (!?!though my bank manager has his opinions) and when the sun is out, makes for an iconic drive. Plus my dog loves it when the roof is down.

    Service costs are high, but then Saab's do not fail very often.

    i'll definatley be going for my third Saab a few years from now, they are modern day classics.

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