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Thread: 9-3 Reliability?

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    1998 9-3 TID 115

    Bought 2001 Big EGR problems, months to solve
    SID replaced under warranty, just failing again
    Adjusted door to cut out wind noise
    Blocked Wiper jets
    Recent warning for Security system,(Alarm goes off in thunder storms)
    Recent warning on Airbags
    Recently Check engine light on at start-up, then once heated up goes off and turbo comes back, this has now developed to occasionally failing to start, leave for a few minutes and everything is OK.

    Love the Car, starting to get annoyed with expensive faults.

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    bought 9-3 jan 2002 new, now 80k miles

    gearbox bulks, rebuilt 3 times 20k, 40k, 50k, now out of warranty still wrong Saab UK not interested.
    New aircon fan
    New control for aircon
    Knocking in steering now rectified but suspension still clunks
    head gasket replaced a 40k

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3 Viggen conv, 230 HP, 34,000 miles
    2001, USA

    Clutch plate, throw bearing, etc. replaced at 30,000 miles under warranty. Judgement was that some spring had become unseated causing clutch to slip?
    Broken spring in shifter made it almost impossible to change gears.
    Convertible top adjustment and software update.
    Replaced CD player (wouldn't eject disc)

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    '00 9-3 viggen convert. Owner from July 2000- June 2003. In service at 36 miles, dealer purchased at 30K miles
    Two issues ever had with car. after 2nd month, key would not extract from ignition, complete ignition system replaced at 1000 miles.
    Replaced 3 viggen rims that were bent as well as replace all 4 tires at 24K miles.
    Overall reliability was fantastic.

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    Dec 2003

    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3s 2.0 lpt MY2000

    This is taken from a US Consumer Guide:

    Trouble Spots

    Automatic transmission: A recall was issued to replace the shift-lock solenoid that prevented the transmission from shifting out of park. (1999)
    Brakes: If the brake-fluid reservoir cap is not installed properly, fluid can be sucked out of the reservoir through the cap's check valve. (1999-01)

    Climate control: There were several problems with the HVAC controls ranging from stiff controls to ticking motors to loose knobs and broken spindles. New parts were being installed under warranty. (1999)

    Oil consumption: A banjo bolt in the crankcase ventilation system should be replaced to prevent oil from possibly entering the combustion chamber (causing emissions) or starving the turbo bearing. (1999)

    Wipers: The rear wiper may get loose or fall off unless thread-locking compound is applied to the hold-down nut. (1999)

    I have also read somewhere about the 9-3 may pop out of reverse, this is caused by wear on some of the bushes.

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3 Aero MY2001 reg Nov 2000. Now 24000 miles

    Just failed its first MOT as the CAT has gone - apparently this will cost £450 and the car is just out of warranty

    Is this short CAT life normal?

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    West London, UK

    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    Originally posted by Fawlty:
    Just failed its first MOT as the CAT has gone - apparently this will cost £450 and the car is just out of warranty * *

    Blimey, for only a £150 more you could have a full JT 3" system with downpipe, sport cat and system from Elkparts....and get some extra

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3 Turbo coupe (185bhp)

    SID (as usual)
    Headlamp relay faulty
    oil leak somewhere (fixed under warranty)
    boost surging at the moment.

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3C 2.0t 154 BHP
    2000 9 X Reg ) United Kingdom

    Bought @ 74.5K
    Now @ 76K

    - Gear linkage sticks in 5th ( Possible known 9-3 glitch )
    - Whine when cold from under the bonnet. Short lived but possibly the power steering pump

    Otherwise all working fine so far

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    Jan 2004

    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    93 2000 (42K)

    Owned from 18K

    Ignition relay shorted out (my fault! Hung ignition)
    Bulb in speedometer (due to Ignition short)
    Both fixed under warranty
    Wire on night time light setting switch loose / fell off (Saab dealer fixed out side warranty no cost)
    Front bulbs replaced @ 35K
    Replaced four tyres @ 42K with Eagle F1’s (good tyres)
    Front suspension creaky on cold days

    Love the car planning to due loads to it over the next year or two.


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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    2001 93 SE Diesel
    37000 miles, second owner, 1st was saab leasing
    Two oil temperature sensors that caused the engine management sensor to come on when it rained...
    Turbo bearing are now on their way out, I beleive from my conversation with the dealer this may be a problem with the diesels. Anybody have any problems with this?

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    My recently acquired 2001(125bhp) 2.2TID, 85kmiles:
    Injector Leak off pipes.
    Just been diagnosed with turbo bearing wear.

    From the previous fleet service report:
    Intercooler pipes replaced.
    EGR valve replaced.

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    Full throttle
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    Jan 2002

    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    Welcome to Saabscene, Dieselbrain!

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3 2.0iS 1998
    96K (Miles)

    Pretty much trouble free for two years and 25k - except...

    CD Player goes on strike after about an hour or so. Skips/won't read discs/won't eject.
    Handbrake constantly needs adjusting.
    Heater controls seized and broken - our dealer set it to windscreen for us for nowt.
    Nasty knock from front suspension on cold days.
    Alarm sensor went and required changing - Approx £100.

    Overall dead chuffed with it, in the market for something a bit newer with more bhp and more doors!

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    9-3 2.0is 1998
    Had it from 38,000 - 52,000 miles
    SID replaced
    Gearbox bearing needed replacement as it whined (not replaced)
    Front suspension clunks (new bearings)
    New wiring harness under seat to stop SRS light coming on.

    9-3 2.0SE LPT 2002
    From new, now 24,000 miles
    New front wheelbearings and suspension tightened up to stop clunks (only partially successful)
    New front balljoint
    Dealer wants to rebuild gearbox as third and fourth baulk sometimes - not that bad so have decided to leave it for now.

    Nice car, let down by the dealer who seems to stock no spares and has little idea.

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