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Thread: 9-3 Reliability?

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    My 9-3 is a 2001 9-3 TiD 2.2 SE, 125 bhp, which turned over 200,000 miles today.

    I bought it in Feb 2008 with 120,000 miles on the clock. In 80,000 miles I have serviced it every 12K at an independent Saab specialist (A1 Saab, Swansea) and replaced just two sets of front tyres plus one set of rear tyres. I have never replaced the brake pads or discs (I do a lot of motorway miles).

    I have had the following failures:
    EGR valve replaced at 160K (new Saab part £150 online, fitted myself)
    Both intercooler hoses blew at 165-170K (silicone replacements, £100, fitted myself)
    Climate control display replaced at 180K, £40 exchange.
    Oil pressure sensor failed at 180K, £65 to replace sensor and top up (a lot of) oil.
    New battery at 196K, £65.

    And thats it! Top wagon.

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    9-3 2.2 Tid Vector

    81,500 miles Turbo intercooler failure
    85,000 miles MAF sensor
    92,000 miles starter motor failed
    102,500 miles clutch failed
    123,000 miles rear brake calliper seized
    82,000 - 135,000 miles constant engine management light problems consisting mainly of glow plugs, manifold over pressure and loads of other problems.

    In a word worst car I have ever, ever had to buy, I was made to buy a car over a weekend so as to start a new sales job on the Monday. Car came with AA warranty for 12 months which is why I bought it for work. Always under the impression Saab were reliable!

    I cant wait to get rid of it and but a reliable car that doesn't cost a minimum of £300 every time a warning light comes on or there is a problem!

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    Saab 93 2.0t SE Convertable, 117000 miles, FSSH, still going strong, clock spring has gone rouge on me, heated rear window not very good but everything else works well!

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    Regular Saab Guy
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    Jun 2005
    First time ive ever called for assistance in 10 years of SAAB ownership.......Clutch failed on my 2001 Aero Convertible.
    95K on the clock, nearly 10 years old, owned nearly 3 years, first real trouble ive ever had, other than that no problems.......!

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    Saab Fan
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    Feb 2009
    Update on my 2000 93SE LPT auto convertible.
    I bought it at the end of January 09 with 78K on the clock.
    It has now done 162K - mainly motorway - a lot of miles in two years but it's still running great!

    The only real failures are -
    Gear selection switch (can't remember its real name), it means you get only third and top gear - troublesome in hilly country.
    DI cassette.
    N/S Rear window mechanism.

    Other problems are -
    Had both the SID and ACC pixel problems fixed by Simon deGare-Pitt (Excellent service).
    Leaking roof hydraulic rams - replaced all four last summer with recons from SimplySaab in Bristol - that was an 'ouch' moment but nowhere near as expensive as new ones.

    Current only problem is that both headlight wipers won't park - might get them fixed but I can live with it.

    I think regular servicing (by Clive - CJ Motors near Henley) and motorway driving rather than round town are the key.

    Still love it and hope it makes 200K miles - I've got to have one decent summer now the roof's working properly!

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    Saab 9-3 SE 2.0 Turbo - Registered: 2000

    At 58K miles: Head gasket leaked, fortunately to the outside of the engine block, rather than into the pistons or oil.

    At 62K miles: The coil pack failed and needed a complete replacement. Mechanic suspects a sensor shorted out taking the coil pack with it.


    Handbrake cable snapped at around 70k

    Air bag warning light has come on (mechanic thinks the "clock spring" wire is defective).
    Some of the pixels on the radio intermittently LCD don't work.

    Mechanically otherwise (touch wood) it still feels like a new car.

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    Saab 9-3 SE 2.0 Turbo Convertible

    Registered 2000 75K currently on clock 185bhp

    Bulkhead Cracks fixed after purchase £450
    SID Pixels Missing
    New Front Disks circa £200 (Backs getting near due)
    Intermitent Battery Warning Light (current)

    Belt change on service history noted prior to purchase. Nothing else of note apart from the usual serviceable items.
    Done approx 10k to date and haven't put a tyre on since purchase although probably due soon.

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    Bought my 2001 2.2tid SE in April 2010 with 114000 miles on the clock.

    I didn't like the car at all in the beginning, probably due to the strange positioning of switches, having to leave it in reverse and not being able to rest my left foot alongside the clutch pedal, until I bent the pedal across, which caused the spring that controls the cruise control to fall out!

    Changed oil and filters and gave her a general check over.

    Sept M.O.T. replaced o.s.f wishbone £60

    Dec. and the cold weather arrived meant replacing the battery at £60

    April 2011 and I was 'given' a pair of new rear discs and pads from someone
    that had bought and not used them, so I fitted them regardless that my own were in ok condition.

    They had also gave me a set of front discs but unfortunately these were much larger than mine and I couldn't get them to fit.

    But I did replace the Front Pads for £22

    Then another Oil and filter change at 120,000

    Now at 125,000 miles. Fuel consumption is around 40 - 45mpg locally and around 54mpg on a run, and I don't hang about.

    Strangely, during the cold weather this did drop below the 40 mark for some reason.

    Everything except the underbonnet diesel heater is working fine. I might look into this before next winter.

    I love this cars looks, the engine torque and economy and the solid feel, but not so keen on the plastic dashboard, the strange control layout or the coarse engine idle, but I would still buy another!

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    Saab Newbie mminoletti's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Milton Keynes UK


    Got my 2000 Saab 2.0 S Turbo as a non runner back in Feb 2011.

    Brought with power steering failure and damaged Headlight + Front Bumper.

    To get back on the road:

    Power Steering Pump £40
    Headlight £15
    Front Bumper (same colour) £30

    After a good clean (been sat idle all January), been driving everyday with no problems.

    Mot due in July but booked for end of June. Going to be serviced too.

    Changed rear Discs, Pads and handbrake shows too. New tyres all round and reattached heatshield by the back box as screw had snapped off.

    It looks like the car hadn't been serviced for a while (oil filter is very rusty) but she going strong and no leaks i can see.

    Such an easy car to work on, all jobs on the car apart from the tyres I have done on my own or with a mate to help.

    Taking my car to the same place I do every year, J&S Motoring here in MK, £100 for service with free MOT.

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    Regular Saab Guy
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    Oct 2000
    Leamington Spa
    Apart from that, still flying great![/b]
    Not flying anymore. Died about a week ago on the Coventry eastern bypass. But at 193,000 miles I can hardly complain. Breakdown people say a new Cranshaft Sensor is required: and I put it on ebay on that basis.

    On the bright side I picked up a 2008 9-3 Aero TTID SW yesterday, and it's been on a short(!) trip to Yorkshire and back today, averaging around 50mpg at 80mph :-)

    Just need now for the buyer for my old 9-3 to actually pay up and collect it...

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    Hi two posts in one on reliability.

    2004 to 2008 I had a saab9-3 2.0i. on s plate. by the time I finished with it I was upto 248k and wish I had done the rear springs/shocks/brakes etc at the time and probably still be going.
    In my time with 45+k a year I needed to do the routine servicing, replacing brakes, oil, filters, lights, exhaust tyres etc only item to let me down was a snapped auxiliary belt at 195k, the front suspension needed upgrade at 200k, springs and shocks. it was even on the original clutch etc. So in my book it was totally reliable and had no issue whatsoever during that time.

    Now have a recently purchased 9-3 2.0i on a V plate with 62k on the clock.

    Sump off complete oil and filters change, now looking forward to 200k trouble free miles, fingers crossed.

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    99 Viggen 3 door
    Ive had it since new in 2000. Done 185,000km or about 110,000mls
    SIDS failed just out of warrantee of 100k. Saab fixed it anyway for free.
    Front brake rotors every time I change pads. (Often) needs bigger than 308 rotors.
    Oil pick up blocked and starved oil pump. No damage done lukily. I now use synthetic oils.
    Throttle body spring issues. Constantly. I resolve it myself now and disconnect the battery for 10mins to clear codes.
    Gearbox failure recently. Just dropped it off to a gearbox specialist to repair. I dont have and exact diagnosis yet. However the symptoms are it wont hold 2nd or 4th at all. 1st, 3rd will hold in on acceleration and drop out unless held in on deceleration.
    Dash rattle. (big deal)
    Appart from the gearbox failing at 180,000km I cant say a bad word.
    Im still in love with the missile

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    further to my viggen respone earlier.

    ive had 4 straightened and 2 replaced and most likely need another 2 replaced now. They are too bloody soft. But nothing else looks good on a viggen.
    Also drivers side leather seat stitching has failed. This wont be able to be matched either. (Bugger)

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    Saab Fan
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    Feb 2009

    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    Since my last update on this thread about a year ago, my yr2000 se lpt 93 convertible has now done 201,000 miles and STILL runs beautifully on the original engine.

    The only failures since I've had it have been -
    Gearbox Range Selection switch.
    DI cassette.
    N/S Rear window mechanism.
    both the SID and ACC pixel problems fixed by Simon deGare-Pitt (Excellent service).
    Leaking roof hydraulic rams - replaced all four summer of '2010 with recons from SimplySaab in Bristol.

    It's been pretty good since last year (40K miles ago) with only -
    A couple of bushes on the steering/suspension needing replacement,
    Replaced head gasket in search of a slow coolant leak (wasn't the head gasket after all, but leak cured by RadWeld (I know, I know)
    and in quick succession (within three weeks!) -
    Fuel pump
    Crankshaft Position Sensor
    Idler pulley shattered taking the belt with it.

    It's regularly serviced every 12K miles - who knows how long it will last? (Bagnall Saab in Birmingham tell me they know of someone with over 300K miles on the clock!).

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    Re: 9-3 Reliability?

    Hi, We've had 2 x 9-3 SE 5 dr. The first was a '98 185 bhp bought new as a company car. 90k over three years & the only non-service related issue was a puncture! Absolute peach - I loved it.

    We now have a '99 9-3 SE LPT bought in '06 from the first owner with 60k on the clock. When collected the wastegate was 'in bits' to quote my favourite garage (North Motors, Cheriton, Hants). Reassembled & all is well. Failures in 55k miles & 6 years have been a coil pack and the air-con compressor bearings failed (of course - the car was 200 miles away from home & it was 80+ degrees outside!). The head gasket is weeping a bit but not enough to worry about - yet. MoT has reported that the front struts are corroded but they don't need changing yet. SID failed & the DIY repair didn't last long so that's been changed too.

    We'll keep it till it starts costing to much to maintain, but who knows when that'll be?

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