Hot air air con

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Thread: Hot air air con

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    Hot air air con

    Hello All,

    I'm an old Saab driver (old driver, relatively new 9-5 2.3), but new to Saabscene, and I would be grateful for some advice.

    The aircon is blowing hot air out of the rear vents. I've tried reconfiguring the system, and it shows a fault code '8', which looking at some excellent info on this site means 'loose flap'.

    Any ideas where the flap is, how to access it is it diy-able? Hope that's not too many questions for my first post!

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Welcome to Saabscene

    Does this help click here!

    Or this earlier thread click here!

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Hi there,

    Two things - the earlier cars (ie Y2K and earlier) are known to have a problem whereby if you close the front passenger air vents the AC will blow hot into the rear (as it does on mine). The answer is to get the dealer to drill a certain hole somewhere in the system (they'll know where), or just keep the front pass vents open.

    The 08 code thing is separate I believe - and refers to a broken shaft in the heater that controls the distribution of hot/ cold air. I don't want to alarm you unduly, but it's apparently a very cheap part that requires lots of time and labour (read £££s) to install. The others will be able to fill you in I'm sure.

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    Re: Hot air air con


    Thanks for the quick response! I had seen that page before, and checking the status of all the vents was one of the first things I checked (after blaming the kids for kicking the vents and complaining about the heat), but they were/are all open. I don't want to start drilling holes just yet!

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Ha, Chris beat me to the rear vent hot thing - btw there was a reply to a letter in the Telegraph motoring section a couple of months ago which mentioned a company which offered to repair the 08 flap problem for about £400 which I think is quite a bit cheaper than some of the figures sometimes mentioned quoted by dealers. I'll try to find it for you.

    Best wishes.

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Welcome to Saabscene.

    Fault code 8 is the common one, SAAB do have a modified part for it now, and list a service kit iirc.
    Taliaferro list a procedure for it here:
    Under 9-5 Heater Temp Control Information.pdf

    I would imagine RHD parts kit will be a different number though.
    It's listed as a 9 hour job though

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Thank you all for your responses.

    So, I can't just pull the carpet back and tighten a few screws then?! It's a job for the garage! Now I know what the problem is I can at least sleep well. All I have to worry about is paying for it!

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Hot air air con


    Thanks for the info. I'm clutching at straws, but...the Taliaferro sympton refers to left or right temperature being uncontrollable ie hot, my sympton is rear temp being uncontrollable. Is this the same thing, just going down a different tube? Or can this be fixed in under 9 hours? (I didn't sleep well after all!)


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    Re: Hot air air con

    Are you sure your passenger side temperature is still controllable? If the loose flap is on the passenger side and has fallen shut, it will be the same as having the vents closed. This will give the hot air at rear all the time.

    The problem with the hot air at the rear when the passenger vents are closed was only a problem on early cars. You say your car is "fairly new". What model is it? If it's 2000 or later we could all be barking up the wrong tree.

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    Re: Hot air air con


    For a 9-5 mine is quite old, 1998, but relative to me it's quite new! So it does fall into one that could need some holes drilling. However, the front passenger flow was working, strong and cold. Today though the fan seems to have given up, no flow, back or front, hot or cold!


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    Re: Hot air air con

    I also have my troubles with the heater box in my 1999 9-5. I have had the fan replaced, lever pin and motor bushing replaced,and know they say it will cost me $ 2,000 plus to fix it -or they think it will fix it! Driver side will blow one temp while passenger and rear another. I will just play games with the vents until I find an extra $2,000 or SAAB decides they engineered a costly repair problem. I have already spent more than $1,000 on this problem. And you think a new turbo is expensive!


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    Re: Hot air air con

    Welcome to Saabscene Downsey

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    Re: Hot air air con

    Although it doesn't help it's-a-saabthing right now, does anyone know exactly why this flap/ shaft fails? Is it because the heater probably isn't used for half the year and so the thing seizes up and then snaps when you try it use for the first time? Is there anything that can be done in the way of preventative maintenance (without removing half the car's interior) like lubrication, or selecting the heat setting every so often, even in summer?

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