looking to see if anyone has already done this to spare me from a weekend with an ohm meter...

I have a 1987 900 convertible. Also have 2 1992 9000CDT's. I like the audio in the 9000's, am/fm/cassette in first unit, CD/Eq + CD changer controls in second unit, and a 6x changer in the trunk. oh, there is also an amplifer under the front passenger seat too. Basically I want to normalize the audio units so that they all work the same.

If you haven't seen this setup, you can play single CD's in the dash, plug a 6pack in the boot, and still play a cassette tape. And fiddle with the EQ and have a fun display.

I have all of the pieces, ok *lots* of pieces, and a *bunch* more, in my garage. I even have a third 1992 9000CD parts car (blown auto) I can strip as needed.

Started with a new cage for the head unit with cassette, got the longer cables for the CD unit, put it all together and plugged into the existing connectors in the dash. However, the rear speakers don't work, and although the eq lights up the cd player doesn't (still checking to see if it's a bad unit).

I'd like to use all Saab Clarion units. I can run new cables if necessary, the local dealer thinks that the audio amp from the front passenger seat should not be needed (there are variants on the head unit, I have several to pick from). My preference is to not cut the cables in the dash, just plug them in.

Anyone have any concrete information on the easy way to do this?

there is a prize to the one with the correct information that works within the above parameters!

cheers & thanks!