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Thread: my new 900 carlsson

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    Welcome to SaabScene ejenner . That's a nice looking car you've got there

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    welcome to the board ejenner That's a gorgeous Carly

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    Originally posted by ejenner:
    [qb]Nice to see someone else investing some time in a c900 project. [/qb][/b]
    There's been a lovely C900 Carlsson being nicely restored at DCA Saab the last couple of times I've been there. It's had a complete strip and respray and was just being put back together last time I saw it.

    BTW, if anyone remembers this thread about me thinking of a swap from a 9-5 to a C900, then I have an update (sort of ).

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    The carlsson box is exclusive to the carlsson and as already said, they are like hen's teeth. In fact they are even rarer!!

    AFAIK, Abbott have the original equipemnt for making the exhaust with the orignal twin pipes. check their site at abbott(-) (I think).

    I had leather in mine nad whilst I prefer the lok of leather through the windows, it wasn't so nice for the driving of the car. too slippy.

    Your carlsson seems to be in good nick. just a few pointers:

    1. To my knowledge there was not meantr to be a carlsson badge on the glovebox, though I think the 9000 had one there.

    2. Keep an eye on the boot floor, where it meets the wheel arches. Thats one of the common places of deterioration and because the boot floor metal is covered in with a painted fibrous stuff it can rust through before you see it so bad. Not expensive to repoair but a pain if you have finished everything else beforehand.

    3. I would advise keeping the front bumper skin and repairing it. There is a company, (cant recall the name), which makes a replica skin but it isnt the same in appearance , however it may fit.

    4. If you will be removing the wheelarch extensions at some time, I have an almost complete set of the retaining clips, which I found when moving house (becoming single again) recently. If you (or anyone else wants them), I'll post them) to you.

    5. Depending on the rate of loss, I wouldnt worry unduly about the oil leaks. They will usually leak by the time they get that level of mileage, though they are often repaired. just don't forget to make proper oil changes at the appropriate time, rather than just topping it up repeatedly. You wouldnt want to shell out for a new turbo, I'm pretty sure.

    6. Speaking of the mileage; is it shown in Km or did you just quote that measurement for the benefit of our fellow europeans? If its a UK car it should read in mph.

    7. Please make no more posts about this car. I sold mine less than a year ago (in bits and as a rolling working shell) and now my teras are flooding my keyboard. I just lokked in the mirror too and I have turned a really eco friendly shade of green ( I miss her and aim in the not too distant future, to find another little beauty.

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    What is the id number for the Carlsson gearbox?

    I really don't think there is such a thing as a Carlsson gearbox. My service history contains no record of a gearbox replacement and the one on my car is a version 5, with 5 speeds and the type-8 primaries. This is indicated on the id plate by the numbers 558.

    I don't mind being told that I'm wrong about this because it would help me to know more about my car - and that's a good thing...

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    The only difference versus other T16 'boxes of the same year would be the primary drive, not the internals. And yes, the '8' primaries are a bit rare (hence silly money being paid)...

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    Eric - do you know what the latest production version number is - I thought it was 5 - but I have also heard that there was a 6th production version. I still think v.5 is the latest though ??

    There are also some race versions on official Saab race cars - I guess these would be quite rare.

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    No such thing as a Carlsson specific gearbox - same as the T16S non cat models around 1990 - 1991 Gm 558 04.
    1992 on 558 boxes were numbered 06 and had stronger gearsets....
    I have one in my garage with a knackered pinion bearing and its exactly trhe same as the 558 04 box i put in my ex black td04 900...

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    For the GM 55xxx series, there were -04, -06 and -08 iterations (I thought -06 was post '89 version, -08 post '91 but that contradicts with Tandino's findings). Never heard of one with a -5 as the last digit.

    For the GM 45xxx, the numbers to know are -12 for the post '89 boxes, and -14 for the '91-on version).

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    The full id number from mine is GM 558 04 this is a 1990 car.

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    Re: my new 900 carlsson

    Sorry, -06 is the '91-on version and there's no -08 in the GM55xxx series. Memory must have been playing tricks with me

    The lowdown:

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