oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

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Thread: oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

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    oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

    1997 cse 2.3 lpt 133000 miles auto box.

    I previously posted about problems with my car burning excessive oil ( due to a lack of intenet access couldnt apply to post till now ).

    the story so far
    i conclued that :
    1. lots of oil on turbo air and intercooler pipes.
    2. no. 1 sparkplug very heavy in oil other free looking normal (dd turbos in bradford confirming this to be symptomatic of a turbo problem)
    3. blue smoke under acceleration

    that i needed to get my turbo fixed.

    To cut a long story short i bought a brand new garret core assembly unit with dd turbos shotblasting the old exhaust and air assembies saving some money.
    fitted to car. still blue smoke
    have driven 400 miles since new turbo and smoke is deffinately getting worse now.
    the car is an oil alchoholic now and its not good.

    engine idiling and performance is still excellent

    today compression test
    1. 12 bar (oily spark plug)
    2. 11 bar
    3. 11.25 bar
    4. 12 bar

    healthy enough.

    i,m thinking
    rings ?
    valve stem oil seals ?

    Spoke to simply saab today very very helpfull. The guy after me asking him if he had any 2.3 engines available said that it is not heard of these engines failing like this and that most possibly i had perhaps a stuck oil scraper ring. suggestion engine flush and oil change which i did tonight. although it is perhaps slightly to early to fully come to a conclusion (20 miles travlleld) i dont think it has madfe any difference.

    tonighti took the air intake pipe from air filter to turbo off.
    at turbo end there is oil again ( i throughly cleaned pipe while fitting new turbo).
    the air filter i am embarrased to say is looking very oldmust be at least 20-30 k miles old and seeing as i spent al my available free cash at the time on installing my new garrett turbo i couldnt renew it. ps ive only had the car 2 weeks on tues there.
    Could the turbo be sooking oil from the rocker breather pipeinto itself because of a blocked air filter ? it is using up a lot of oil

    i really am lost as to what is happening with my engine problem now.

    i have priced up rings main bearing and a head kit totalling £210 approx but i really really do not fancy stripping my engine if i can help it.

    Any experts out there who can englighten me i would greatly appreciate it

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    Re: oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

    found this at another forum wondering if it relates to my problem at all

    Recently had some gaskets replaced on my wife's 9000 Turbo to address some 'general' oil leaks. Since then then oil leaks appear to have stopped - at least the ones I was concerned about - but oil has started being forced up the filler tube and anywhere else it can find a space. I first thought of the oil pressure relief valve or perhaps the PCV - whatever the reason it looks as though the sump is being pressurised beyond an acceptable limit. I replaced the PCV (just to be sure), and am now looking at having a look at the pressure valve. Any other suggestions?
    During my investigation I also noted a pipe that runs from the air feed to the turbo, up to the throttle body, that seems to contain coolant, but it seems to pass within a feed to the rocker cover (near the PCV). Any comments onpurpose and why it runs through such a strange path (inside other pipes)?


    "Re(1):Excess pressure forcing oil out filler " , Sat 15 May 10:06
    On top of the cam cover is a breather, in the pipe is a small valve. This should be a non return valve with flow towards the inlet manifold. If it fails the boost pressure will apply pressure to the oil system. Replace this NRV it isn't expensice.

    "Re(2):Excess pressure forcing oil out filler" , Sat 15 May 22:46
    Thanks Geoff - already replaced the PCV as part of my early analysis - only cost around $35 (Aust). The problem appears to be boost related, i.e. keep the revs down below 3K so that the turbo does not wind up, and the issue is not as bad.

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    Re: oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

    I think you should first off consider replacing the air filter, they are available from £6 at Eurocarparts and other places.
    The turbocharger works by sucking air in through the induction system. Hopefully through the air filter, if it can't draw it from there or there is too much resistance it will pull whatever it can from where-ever it can, even if this means neat oil through the PCV! After a new turbo, £6 on this has to be your cheapest option! Sounds like you need one anyway.

    I suspect that if this is the fix, the cost of the filter will be less than the oil you are using.

    If it wasn't that I am an 'ex-pat' Glaswegian exiled in England, I'd happily pop over and give you a decent used one, but with less mileage!

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    Re: oil burning excessive with new turbo fitted

    Hi trollbooster,

    cu you by the way. Fully appreciate your input will head to europarts this morn. regarding engine i will be down in grimsby around end of month for 3 - 4 weeks.
    whitely bay is close to grimsby isnt it ? 60 ish miles ?

    Europarts looks amazing - i dont think i will go to Saab again unless i really y have to. A genuine oil filter is half the price of saab. Amazing ! thanks again

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