No leak - less boost ??

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Thread: No leak - less boost ??

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    No leak - less boost ??

    Hi all,

    Got a strange riddle for you !

    My ’96 CSE 2.3 had developed a sort of whistling noise under hard boost which started around about the time the head gasket went (although not related).

    The head gasket was replaced and all was well (apart from whistle) car was boosting nicely dawes device was/is working a treat (but turned down when head gasket went and not turned back up yet) but boosting about a ¼ into the red.

    This weekend I decided to investigate things and discovered that my dump valve is playing up (new one on order) but not that bad as to affect the boost.
    I also discovered that the rubber pipe from the intercooler output to the ally pipe was leaking.

    So I took all the pipes from the intercooler to the manifold off and cleaned them inside and out so that I could get a better seal.
    I figured that the garage had taken them off to do the gasket and not cleaned the surfaces before putting it all back together.

    Once done I put it all back together and got a nice clean seal.

    The whistle has sort of gone, I think it was a combination of the DV and air leaking out of the pipe.

    Took the car out for a spin and I now have less boost (noticeably slower) only boost’s into the mid yellow area.

    I can’t quite figure it out – I should have more boost with no leak ? As the Dawes device runs off the MAP and so does the boost gauge, they should be reading / doing the same thing.

    Any ideas ??


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    Re: No leak - less boost ??

    Sounds like you're now running only base boost. Chances are you have disconnected something while working on the dump valve or intercooler and forgotten to put it back, or not put it back properly. What else did you diconnect? - all you ever wanted to know about the Saab 9000 - stuff to help keep Saabs on the road
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    Nr Exeter, Devon, UK

    Re: No leak - less boost ??

    Thanks billj,

    That's what I thought sunday eve, but I re-checked everything and found nothing incorrect.

    The only electrical connection I took off was the air temp sensor on the ally pipe to the manifold, so that I could properly clean the pipe.
    The rest of the vacume pipes were untouched.

    Ive got a new forge DV on order and 6M of silicone pipe coming so that I can replace all the vacume pipes. If it's that ill find it when I replace them all.


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