Air Con/Air Vent

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Thread: Air Con/Air Vent

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    Air Con/Air Vent

    I have a 96 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo that has a couple of niggling problems. The central air vent on the dashboard makes a very irritating whirring and squeaking noise whether the a/c is switched on or not; it seems that there must be some kind of electrical fan in there that blows continuously and must be worn. Does anybody have any suggestions please?

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Finlay, you mention some kind of fan. The only other fan in the ACC system that I am aware of apart from the main blower is the one in the cabin temperature sensor (the device below the drivers heated seat switch).This device does make the noises that you mention, especially if it has been bashed. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Andy - many thanks for the advice; I have checked and the noise does come from this source. Next problem is how do I get rid of the noise! Any advice on that one?

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Finlay, I have sometimes found that if you remove it from the dash and by trial and error twist ,pull, squeeze or tap it just right, it shuts up. Don't blame me if it gets worse though! If this doesn't fix it I would try the breakers for a second hand one. As the one on my present 9000 is ok, I havn't stripped it to find out exactly what the problem can be.cheers.

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Andy - indebted to you again; do you know a good source for Saab second hand or cheap parts? Sorry to be an imposition!

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Finlay, I don't know your home area, but I use a breakers in Nottingham called Salvo.If they are too far there are some spares dealers on these pages and one not listed called Neobrothers who I think do mail order.

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    Re: Air Con/Air Vent

    Andy - thanks again. Know where I can get some petrol!

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