Struts and Springs

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Thread: Struts and Springs

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    Struts and Springs

    I have a 2005 93 Arc that desperately needs new struts. I was thinking, that since I'm replacing the struts, why not lower it slightly and improve the handling. So my question is, does the Aero strut/spring combo ride any lower than my stock Arc suspension, and if so, is it a direct bolt in replacement? I'm looking for a cost effective way to replace the struts and lower the ride at the same time(without spending a small fortune on coilovers). I've seen many strut/spring assemblies on ebay/amazon, but very little info on the item fitment, manufacturer, or warranty, so I'm thinking these are to be avoided.

    thanks, Sean

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    Re: Struts and Springs

    Hello how much you wanting to spend ?
    the reason why I ask that personal question is if you are going for a full set you will also require
    the top mounts and bearings dust cover. For the strut and lower spring Sleeve for both sides due to the old ones wearing and as I found out trying to get any off the old items off to reuse is impossible.
    and for the rear the top mounts as welll
    land you may well require front drop links
    aero model runs 10mm lower
    when looking for springs there's normally 3 different chassis types
    standard , sports , aero
    a good quality set of shocks
    Monroe have 2/3 different types ( I used OE spectrum) on my latest 9-3
    bilsten B4 on my last 9-3
    springs go for a good quality set , esp front as that's where they normally snap .
    but at the end of the day it's your money and you know your budget .

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    Re: Struts and Springs

    This is what I've narrowed it down to(after a ridiculous amount of time trying to decipher the Saab color coded springs, I decided it would be easier to go with aftermarket springs)
    Sachs SuperTouring Twin Tube struts(front and rear)
    Megan Racing lowering springs(I've heard a number of condemning posts about Megan springs, but never heard what the problem actually is)
    I've estimated this setup should cost right around $500

    Any thoughts? Alternative parts for similar cost?

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    Re: Struts and Springs

    Hello Sean .
    the only trouble is , both our locations are miles apart , I'm uk and your us .
    You may be able to find different parts in your neck of the woods at different prices and spec .
    but your struts are good sachs are a well known make .
    Over here as far as I'm concerned is there's some cheap what the seller calls OEM equivalent, but I'd rather go for a good make , so the springs you mentioned I've never heard of so I cannot comment.
    seems your going the lowering route , Derenza springs are good , depends on how low you are going .
    to that point , the Saab colour dots system can be thrown out the window because your not going stock .
    but don't forget what I said in my first post about top mounts and bearings , also to add to that rear spring bump stops top and bottom,
    but in the end thease are only my suggestions and what I did on both my 9-3
    the way I look at it , if your doing the springs and shocks you might as well do it all because on the front you have to remove those items to do the job .

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    Re: Struts and Springs

    why not look at eibachs,while back there wasn't much of a price difference..also need bearing and mounts..
    My 9-3 audio,2 x cd changers,aux-in & Bluetooth audio streaming..

    Buy cheap pay twice..

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