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Thread: New member checking in

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    New member checking in

    Hi guys just joined & looking to get my first Saab
    Not sure if this is the right place but need some advice...been offered a 2 owner, 57 plate diesel convertible with fsh but it's covered 217k miles, having never before owned a Saab or a diesel for that matter looking for any advice i can get before i go take a look at it
    Apologies if this is in the wrong place

    Many thanks


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    Re: New member checking in

    Hello and a warm welcome aboard the good ship saabscene Chris .
    points to look for as with any car , full service history ( invoices rather than book stamped )
    cambelt / water pump / tensioner replaced regularly ( saab gives 75,000 mile intervals but I would not go any higher than 40.000 miles to be safe .
    front springs on thease are made of lego ( bottom part as it sits in the strut cup is where they snap )
    tyre wear can be an issue .
    All electrics work as they should esp roof .
    2 remote keys is a bonus and that the blade key fits the N/S door lock .
    At that mileage I would not be paying a lot , but prices are stupidly high at moment for convertibles .
    also what kind of driving the old owner did ? If it was just around town then diesels are not really a good buy if used like that .
    check for any lack of power on test drive , thease do go well if looked after ,

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    Re: New member checking in

    Great thank you for the reply, ill be sure to check those things out.
    He's asking £1000 on a 57 plate facelift, no idea if this is a good price or not. Good for the model year i suppose, but with that mileage.....i'm just not sure, is it a decent deal or not ?

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    Re: New member checking in

    I'll be going on Friday, so any more advice before then would be much appreciated


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    Re: New member checking in

    Ask what work has been that mileage apart from suspension components and brakes virtually all the major stuff may have been replaced.
    If its been well maintained I wouldnt worry too much about the mileage more especially if there is evidence of the work being done.
    Look to see if the DPF has been removed if it has then you may have issues for the next MOT.
    Also look for play in the steering..steering racks and universal joints tend to wear out by 150K

    ie DMF/Clutch <150K
    DPF...if it still has one?<120K
    Inlet manifold <100K
    Turbo <150K
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    Re: New member checking in

    You may well be right there, could possibly be better off with a 217k one. Just saw an add for an '07 128k and the list of advisories on the previous mot is impressive to say the least.


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