Drivers door stuck shut

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Thread: Drivers door stuck shut

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    Drivers door stuck shut

    Hi Folks,

    Hope everyone is well. I'm in a real pickle and i hope someone can help, though not sure it's possible given the circumstances. This is for my 2008 SAAB 93.

    To begin with, the external door handle stopped working but i could still get the door open with the internal one. I took the door card off on Saturday and had a look. I figured out the rod for the external handle had slipped in the yellow plastic retainer clip that's attached to the locking module. After some jiggery pokery i got it working again, so much so it felt as good as when brand new. Anyway, silly me got distracted and it wasn't until later i realised i had left the torch inside the door. No big deal. So on Sunday i unlocked the car and took the door card off, removed the torch and re-installed the door card. Once that was done i shut the door and then went to get out to find the internal door handle no longer worked. Wound the window down to try the external, same result. Now at no point did i hear any noise coming from the locking system while i was working on the door so this really surprised me. Anyway, i fought with the door card that afternoon and finally managed to remove it in one piece. Now i can see in behind the door, there is nothing to see so to speak. When you operate the central locking, the button at the top of the door moves up and down but it's as if something inside the locking module isn't connected because everything else is fine. when I look down into the module, the little disc type thing the button rod is connected to seems quite loose so I wonder if this is part of the problem.

    I'm at a loss what to do. I've ordered a replacement locking module but the problem is i need the door to open so i can access the 3 bolts to be able to remove the old one. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the door opened?
    SAAB 93 TTiD Aero MY08
    SAAB 900 Aero S LPT with FPT conversion MY92

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    Re: Drivers door stuck shut

    Hello Kevdo hope you are well ?
    I found this on YouTube hope it helps ?
    kind regards
    Paul .

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    Re: Drivers door stuck shut

    Hi Paul, not too bad mate. Hope you are too. Thanks for the link, i had found that one as well so it gives me some hope. The only thing is it's the back door he was working on, and it's the pre-facelift. But who knows, it might apply to the front door as well and it's possibly still the same part in the facelift models. I have a replacement locking unit coming later this week so i will examine it once it arrives and see if i can make a similar hook to the one the guy had fashioned up in the video.

    Really appreciate your reply. I'll let you know if i get anywhere with it.
    SAAB 93 TTiD Aero MY08
    SAAB 900 Aero S LPT with FPT conversion MY92

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    Re: Drivers door stuck shut

    Just wanted to say thanks Paul. I managed to get it to open. Didn't need to make a hook. After many hours of faffing around with a piece of metal, i left it over night then went back to it next day with an allen key. Couple of seconds with that and pop, the door opens. I was about to swap out the old unit with the replacement but then i tried operating it manually while it was out the car. It worked perfectly. So i've re-installed it again but kept the door card off for the time being incase it happens again.

    Quick question though, I plugged up the replacement to test the electronics work but it would only work with the unlock button on the key fob. This is partly the reason I've kept the old unit in. Is there a reason for this? My theory is the module I got is from an older car. The clip for the external door handle rod was different from mine. Just wondered if anyone can confirm this, or if there is another reason the lock button wouldn't work. As far as i'm aware these units are plug and play, no need for Tech 2.
    SAAB 93 TTiD Aero MY08
    SAAB 900 Aero S LPT with FPT conversion MY92

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    Re: Drivers door stuck shut

    Hello kevdo happy you got it sorted . ref the replacement unit would only work with the unlock button could it be because the module did not recognize that the door was shut I think that if you leave the doors open and use the remote, it will only unlock not try to look.the units are plug and play.because when I change one of mine.i just swapped it out and hay presto .no fault faffing . take care Kevdo .

    Sent from my Nokia 5.1 using Tapatalk

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