Saab 1.9TTiD Standard Map - Tech2

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Thread: Saab 1.9TTiD Standard Map - Tech2

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    Saab 1.9TTiD Standard Map - Tech2

    Hello, I have a SAAB 1.9TTiD 2010 (59 PLATE) I bought the car privately and have a full service history, but I suspect it has been mapped at some stage, as in the 18 months that I have owned it, it has not done a DPF regen, admittedly for the first 12 months I was doing high milage on the motorway at fairly high speeds so may not have noticed a regen taking place. However, the last 6 months I have only been using it for short journeys to the shops etc and there has been not DPF issues nor EGR problems that I would have expected.

    It bairly passed the last MOT due to emissions and can sometimes emit a plume of smoke under hard acceleration.

    I have checked the softward part number from the ECM by Tech2 (China Clone) and it states 55572458 I was expecting it to have 55576164 given the service history upto 2012 was at SAAB dealerships.

    It also does not have the power that my 1.9 CTID Vectra had, that was a 120bhp version but had been remapped to around 150bhp with EGR deleted (no DPF fitted), by cojmparison the SAAB seems slugish low down and accelerating.

    I have SPS checked the software in the ECM as stated, and used GTIS to download the 55576164 or so it appeared to the Tech2, not sure it would have as I do not have access to any GTIS servers.

    Would I possibly BRICK the ECM if I attempt to reprogramme it?

    I have been thinking of buying a new DPF and get the ECM reprogrammed at a reputable specialist as I cannot afford to replace it at the current time.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Saab 1.9TTiD Standard Map - Tech2

    It does not show dpf regen on display if that's how you've been checking it. You can only see a rise in fuel consumption and decreasing DTE while it's doing regen. Most other diesel cars will turn on the dpf sign...
    A properly working TTiD is a beast, so if you say it's slower than the Vectra you have something not working properly.

    I just recently had my EGR mapped out which was causing a ton of problems. As it was gradually degrading oven the course of many months, it completely clogged up my dpf which had to be replaced. Super low performace. Took me a while to find out the rootcause.

    You can check the egr very simply, a good guide is here:
    Regarding dpf - check this video. It's quite simple to remove the filter in order to peek inside to see whats the deal.

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