Bought another Saab

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Thread: Bought another Saab

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    Bought another Saab

    Hi All. This is my 4th Saab but have not owned one since 2008. I have just aquired a 2011 1.9 ttid turbo edition without nav and am trying to retrofit a grundig unit into the car. I have the correct leads and an aftermarket GPS Facro antenna. Apparently a "divorced" unit that needs "marrying" to my car but my local Vauxhall dealership is having problems locating my car as they have only Vauxhall Tech 2 and my local Saab specialist says he can only do upto 2010? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Bought another Saab

    Hello and a warm welcome aboard the good ship saabscene Chippy. Have not heard of that one , you could always ask over at either UKsaabs I think they have a tech2 section or saabcentral,as I think they have a tech2 section , are you sure yours is a 2011 and not just a 2010 MY registered in 2011 ?

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    Re: Bought another Saab

    Quite a lot of misinformation in the OP.
    I believe the Kenwood systems were used as integrated units so the Grundig should be just an aftermnarket addition using the relevant adapters for steering wheel controls and such (incartec etc).)
    So divorcing and security access etc is irrelevant.
    For the later facelift cars ICE donor units(ie original Kenowood) do not in any case need to be divorced but simply added with security access enabled.
    Your "saab specialist" should know that the required software(hacked (free) Globaltis and Tech2win) only supports VIN numbers up to 2010 and a subscription to Orio is required to access the online versionto enable security access for later cars (about £20).

    in general terms the aftermarket systems offer so much more so there is little benefit retrofitting an original system from nearly 10 years ago.

    There is plenty of info within the ice sections on Saabcentral and uksaabs fitting all kinds of flavours eg android systems etc.
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